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Notes for William Cleaton-Clayton

I think this was the William Clayton Jr., son of William Sr. and Hannah Clayton.

25 Mar 1651 - Virginia - William Clayton transported to Northumberland Co.,Va. with 13 others by Thomas Thornbrough, who got 700 acres near the Nomeny River.

2 Oct 1663 - Virginia - William Clayton and William Wright, Edward Washington, Margaret Powell among 40 persons transported by Robert Pitt for 3,000 acres in Accomac Co.,Va.

William Cleaton (Clayton) "of New Kent County" bought two parcels of land in 1667 and 1670 in the part of Old Rappahannock County that became Richmond County. He was apparently deceased by 1680 when William Clayton (Jr.) was mentioned as an "orphan". William Clayton Jr. later sold the parcel purchased by his father in 1667. This deed, dated 1689, says "Wm. Cleaton and wife Mary Cleaton of Parish of North Farnham and County of Rappa.", for 2,000 pounds tobacco, sell to Abraham Cooke of same county and parish, fifty acres of land the which land belongeth to my motherís plantation and (blot) hundred acres of land that she doth now live on and that my father bought of William Landman." William Clayton Sr. had bought this 100 acres from William Landman in 1667.

In 1686 there is a court record that bears on the birth year of William Clayton Jr.: "Henry Awbrey & Arthur Forbes as marrying the administrix of Capt. Tho. Goldman decd have in their custody 23 head of cattle belonging to the orphans of William Clayton, decd and whereas William Clayton, son of the said William Clayton decd, being arrived to the age of 21, has petitioned this court to be possessed of the said cattle..."

William Clayton Sr.'s widow was named Hannah. I think it likely she later remarried to Andrew MacAllister.

William Clayton Jr,'s wife was named Mary. It appears to me that they lived on the land purchased by his father in 1670, which lay in North Farnham Parish of Rappahannock County. The area covered by this Parish was later renamed Richmond County. William and Mary Clayton later show up in the records of Richmond County.

(The question is whether Abraham Cooke's wife Martha was the daughter of William Clayton Sr. The only thing I've found so far that might bear on that question is a power of attorney several years later (in King William Co.) from a Hannah McAllister to the same Abraham Cooke, in which she calls him her son-in-law. So I'm wondering if it's possible that William Clayton's widow Hannah married a McAllister after his death.)

Note from a cousin:
Jerry, this group of Claytons is my family group tree. I have done much of the research in this group back to 1651 and on thru to the current times. William Cleaton, Sr. was a tobacco merchant in old Rappahannock Co., VA. His wife, Hannah, acted as his collection agent in many of the court records of those time. William, Sr. died about 1667/8 and Hannah carried on the business. William Cleaton, Jr. first came into promience in 1687 when he became 21 years of age, and used the courts to collect the cattle due to him. It is believed that He married his wife, Mary, very shortly afterwards. Hannah Cleaton Married Andrew McAlster after 1792, and moved to New Kent Co.,VA after that. William Cleaton, Jr. wrote his Will in December, 1705, and died very shortly after that, with the Will being probated in court in early 1706. William Cleaton, Jr. was the father of Stephen Cleaton. Not much is known about Mary, after the death of William Cleaton, Jr. All of the Cleatons were believed to have moved from this area, with the exception of William. Alexander Cleaton died in 1717/8, without ever having married, but his estate was given to a lady friend.
Stephen Cleaton was in one other county, before moving on to North Carolina, where he later died.
There is the possibility that William Cleaton, Sr. is associated with the tobacco merchants, Thomas Clayton and William Clayton, in Liverpool, England. I have never been able to trace them back that far, at this time.

Joe Parker

25 March 1651--Virginia---William Clayton transported to Northumberland County, Virginia with 13 others by Thomas Thornbrough, who got 700 acres near the Nomeny River."

6 March 1666: William Clayton purchases 100 acres of land from William Landman in Rappahannock County, Virginia. Old Rappahannock County Deed Book, pp. 207--208.

7 July 1686: Twenty-three head of cattle that had belonged to the Orphans of William Clayton, deced, whereas William Clayton,
son of said William Clayton being arrived at age of one and twenty years, has requested these cattle be delivered to him.
Old Rappahannock County, Orders, 1685---1687., page 161.

"How can a tangled web that appears so open be so impregnable as when we try to pierce it when we delve into genealogy!"
-Jerry A. Penley-

No part of these files may be used for commercial or profitable endeavors.

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