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Notes for John Stewart

This man was a doctor.

STEWART CLAN MAGAZINE, Vo., XVII., No. 4, October, 1940, pp. 181.
"The records of Jamaica, Queens County (Long Island), refer to John Stewart and wife Elizabeth. John and Elizabeth were living in Shrewsbury, Monmouth county, NJ, as early as 1697, and he was high sherrif of Momouth county in 1700...he and his family removed to Sussex county, Del. where he died in the winter of 1704-5...will dated Sept. 1, 1704, and proved Jan. 13, 1704-5, in Sussex County. His widow married Thomas DAVOCK, before the February session of court, 1705-6.

BIOGRAPHY: RESEARCHER JOYCE LINDSTROM: Dr. John Stewart, b. abt 1 666 in Scotland; moved to Hempstead, Nassau Co, New York at an early date where he metand married ELIZABETH ALBERTUS abt. 1689. They moved to Jamaica, Queens Co., New York by 1694 and to Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., New Jersey by 1697. He left a will in Sussex Co., Delaware dated 2 Sept 1704 which was proven 13 Jan 1705. In his will he states that all of his children are under age. Therefore all of them had to be under the age of 18 b y 1704 when he made out his will. After he died, his widow married THOMAS DAVOCK, who left a will dated 27 Jan 1718/9 and proved 25 Feb 1718/9. The children named in his will are: Samuel, David, John Elizabeth, William , Hannah and Mary.

"BIOGRAPHY: RECEIVED THIS INFO FROM MARY STEWART HICKS. John Stewart was born about 1660-65. It is generally thought, by many genealogists, that he was born in Charleston, MA and was the son of Alexander Stewart & Hanna Templar, Alexander's 1st wife.

"John & his brother & sisters were baptized on 5-8-1675 in Charlestown, MA. The first record found of Dr. Stewart after he became an adult was in Hempstead Twp , Long Island, New York. On 7-11-1691, he petitioned the freeholders of Hempstead, Nassau Co., New York for a right of 18 or 20 acres of land a little east of The "Pine Point", near the Plain Edge", stating that he was a cooper an also a surgeon. (A cooper is a person who makes bowls, barrels & water tanks from wooden boards. He needed to be highly skilled in woodworking for this trade).

"Sometime before 7-11-1691, he had married Elizabeth Alberti, daughter of Jan (John) Alberti & Elizabeth Scudder. By 3-29-1694, Dr. Stewart & Elizabeth had moved to Jamaica, Queens Co., NY and is recorded as selling a piece of property to John Pollehemus. The parcel of land was at a place called Oldfields Island. By 1697, he and his wife moved to Monmouth Co. , New Jersey. On May 24, he bought several tracts of land from Isaac Ong in Shrewsbury & on 10-21-1697, he bought 150 acres of land adjoining the original tracts. These last 150 acres were purchased from Mary & Susanna Barnes of New York City who were the daughters of Thomas Barnes, late of Shrewsbury.

"In 1700, he became the High Sheriff of Monmouth Co., New Jersey & held the position until sometime in 1702 when he was succeeded by Jonathan Bailey. It is not known whether he lost the election to Bailey or he chose not to run for the office again. However, later Bailey was killed and John became the High Sheriff again, & held the office for 18 years. (Per Joyce Lindstrom: This is doubtful as John died in 1704 in Sussex Co., Del .)

"On 8-27-1700, the grand jury indicted Richard Salter & 14 other men "for riotously assembling on the 17th day of July & assaulting John Stewart , High Sheriff, & Henry Leonard on the path near to the house of Alexander Adams, beat & grievously wounded the said persons, took their swords from them, break them, & carried them away & kept them, to the value of 5 pounds money of the province in breech of the peace & the terror of the King's league people." The above indictment is recorded in the New Jerse y Historical Society Coll., F. 853.626,Pg. 352).

"Sometime after 1702, he moved to Sussex Co., DE, where he bought 200 acres of land in Wolf Pit Neck of Angola Neck from Owen Yorke. By the standards of the day, Dr. Stewart was quite a prominent citizen & a large landowner during his residence in New Jersey & Delaware. He practiced as a surgeon.

"He made his will 9-2-1704 with James Simpson, Samuel Knowles & Roger Corbett as witnesses. In his Will, he identified his profession as chirurgeon (surgeon). Dr. Stewart died shortly thereafter, probably just after the 1st of Jan., 1705. His Will was proved in court, in Sussex Co., DE on 1-13-1705. In his Will, he named his children: Samuel, David, John, Elizabeth, William, Hannah & Mary. He made his wife executrix and authorized her to sell any part of his land in Sussex.


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No part of these files may be used for commercial or profitable endeavors.

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