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Notes for Richard Price, Sr

Richard Price (1776/1777-1855 Aug/Sep), "son of Tom," Loop Creek ca 1776. Richard Price, the son of a Thomas Price, was not mentioned in Thomas Price Senior's will, which was probated in 1804 (Russell Co., VA Will Book 2, pp. 76-78); but that may be because Richard had previously received his share of his father's estate. If he had been the first child to be a recipient of land from his father, it would indicate either that he was the oldest child or that he was the first to be married.
He was mentioned as "Richard Price (Son of Tom)" in the Russell County Personal Property Tax lists (Upper District) of 1797 and 1798 (Albert & Albert, 1973, pp. 192, 202). He was also mentioned as "Richard Price (Son of Thomas)" in the lists of 1799 and 1802 (pp. 218, 238). Being a taxable personal property owner in 1797, he must have been at least 21 years of age, which implies that he was born before 1777. The fact that he did not appear on similar personal property tax lists of preceding years indicates that he was too young then to be listed. Thus, he appears to have been born circa 1776.

Richard left a will: source book #7 page 25 (page 356?)... dated 8-10-1855; beneficiaries wife, Frances; children: Hannah, Fanny (Frances), and John Mathias Price; executor: John Mathias Price (son); witnesses: John C. Lenticum; Probated Sept. 4, 1855.

"I desire after my funeral expenses being defraid out of my moneys of property, that my wife Frances shall have one third part of my estate both real and personal during her natural life and then to dispose of the same as she chooses.
And I desire that all my heirs living shall have equal shares in all my personal and real estate except Hannah which shall have five dollars paid over to her from all the heirs except my daughter Fany which she is not to pay anything out of her equal share - I desire no sale of my personal property nor appraisal either. And lastly, I appoint my son Mathias Price my executor of this my last will and testament revoking all others heretofor made."


Richard and Thomas Price at the time of their deaths in 1803 and 1804, owned over 27,000 acres of land in Russell County, Va., and in Knox County, Tennessee.

There are not but about 100 Richard Prices and Thomas Prices in Russell County, in the mid-1800s...

If I am not mistaken, the original designated historical Price Chapel is on my wife's grandfather's land. That is another trip that we are planning in order to verify the location of the Price Chapel.

The area where the Price's lived when they first moved here has been fairly pristine and a bit on the wilderness side, up until the last 10 years. I predict within the next 10 years, there will be sub-divisions all over the landscape. Sigh, I guess that is progress.

The Price name is of Welsh origin, but the Prices (the original settlers of Elk Garden) are of Irish descent.

1815 Tax Assessment of Russell Co., VA.
RICHARD PRICE, one farm in the Loop, 150 acres having thereon two dwelling houses each one story, 18 feet by 16 feet, valued at $150.

DEED BOOK 4 of RUSSELL Co., VA. 1806 - 1814
Page 274 - September 23, 1808 between Joshua Ewing and Richard Price, SON OF THOMAS PRICE ... on the head waters of the south fork of Cedar Creek, branch of Clinch River...Signed: Joshua Ewing. Witnesses: Henry Dickenson, Sr., George Robinson & William Jones

Page 275 - December 20, 1808 between Thomas Johnson of Carter Co., Tn and Richard Price...40 ac...on the waters of Cedar Creek...Beginning corner to Hamlet Patterson...on the south side of Cedar Creek...Signed: Thomas Johnson. Witnesses: John Bays, Benjamin Lewel, Peter Bays, Thomas Hinton

Page 289 - October 2, 1809 between Richard Price & Frances and William Pasley of Washington Co...160 ac on the north side of Clinch Mountain on the waters of the south branch of Cedar Creek...Beginning on a spur of Clinch Mountain corner to William King...corner to Joseph Cox...Signed: Richard Price & Frances Price

45 - May 11, 1804 - Richard Price (SON OF THOMAS) - 238 ac - part of 2 Treasury Warrants; 138 ac by part of warrant 1855, dated March 18, 1796 and 100 ac by part of warrant 2869 dated January 14, 1800 - on the north side of Clinch Mountain, waters of Cedar Creek - spur of Clinch Mountain corner to William King - corner to James Fullin - corner to Hamlet Pattersons 200 ac tract - corner to Joseph Cox

51 - May 17, 1804 - Richard Price (son of Thomas), assignee of John Price - 100 ac - entry made May 29, 1802 part of Treasury Warrant 2869 dated January 14, 1800 on the north side of Clinch Mountain, on the waters of Cedar Creek - corner to Thomas Johnson and William King - corner to Abraham Hyter - above the head of a hollow corner to Hyter.

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No part of these files may be used for commercial or profitable endeavors.

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