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Family Tree Names

Talbert, Tivie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Taliferro, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tarrant, Mary (ABT 1639-BEF 1684)
Tate, Callie Elizabeth (ABT 1897-AFT 1920)
Tate, Worley (MAY 1893-DEC 1941)
Taylor, Annie Ruth (7 OCT 1908-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Aurelia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Barbara (9 DEC 1777-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Catherine (26 OCT 1859-ABT 1943)
Taylor, Charles Brittian (29 JAN 1905-27 NOV 1976)
Taylor, David Denny (9 SEP 1935-27 OCT 2005)
Taylor, Druscilla (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Frances (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Frances (30 AUG 1730-25 NOV 1761)
Taylor, Hannah (ABT 1822-AFT 1860)
Taylor, Harvey George (11 MAR 1889-9 MAY 1970)
Taylor, Isaac A. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Jr., James Charles (1 DEC 1863-14 FEB 1938)
Taylor, James Charles (UNKNOWN-7 MAY 1865)
Taylor, Jenette (ABT 1877-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Louisa (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Maggie Pearl (2 SEP 1900-25 MAR 1978)
Taylor, Mary (27 NOV 1783-1 FEB 1841)
Taylor, Mary Catherine (31 JUL 1902-30 JUN 1978)
Taylor, Nannie Mae (DEC 1897-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Richard (3 APR 1744-19 JAN 1829)
Taylor, Robert (ABT 1604-ABT 1659)
Taylor, Robert Samuel (13 JUL 1894-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Samuel (BEF 18 JUL 1699-26 MAY 1749)
Taylor, Sr., Samuel (3 AUG 1755-8 JAN 1841)
Taylor, Jr., Samuel (5 APR 1787-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Samuel (1637-30 DEC 1682)
Taylor, Samuel (18 MAY 1673-10 OCT 1706)
Taylor, Samuel William Wilhelm (21 DEC 1726-BEF 14 SEP 1789)
Taylor, Susanna Sarah (ABT 1815-ABT 1842)
Taylor, Troy Eugene (22 MAR 1939-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Walter Lee (9 MAY 1891-26 JAN 1981)
Taylor, William (ABT 1746-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, William Frank (20 JAN 1887-3 MAR 1966)
Taylor, William S. (31 MAR 1860-9 NOV 1945)
Taylor, President, Zachary (24 NOV 1784-9 JUL 1850)
Teague, George (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Templeton, Hiram B. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Templeton, Ida (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Templeton, Pearl Mae (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Templeton, Thomas Oliver (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Templeton, Thomas W. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Templeton, Verdie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Templeton, William Morton K. (1833-12 MAR 1863)
Tenancius, Theomantius (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Terry, John (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Terry, Sam (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Tharp, Henry (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Thayer, Joanna (13 DEC 1665-UNKNOWN)
Thayer, Nathaniel (10 MAY 1640-ABT 1725)
Theodomir, (UNKNOWN-360)
Thomas, Alice Janes
Thomas, Eva (25 JAN 1901-10 APR 1942)
Thomas, George
Thomas, Ira (1884-1945)
Thomas, Narcissa (ABT 1793-AFT 1860)
Thomas, Parvay Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Rachel (ABT 1758-12 NOV 1808)
Thomas, Robert Lyle (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thompkins, Catherine (ABT 1887-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Dorothea (1569-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Grover (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Henry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Sallie Mae (ABT 1885-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Sr., Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Temperance (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thorne, John (UNKNOWN-23 JUL 1709)
Thorne, John (ABT 1580-UNKNOWN)
Thorne, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Thornsberry, Anna (4 NOV 1827-4 MAR 1885)
Threkenholm, Johanna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tidwell, Karleen Gladys (ABT 1903-5 JUL 1943)
Tilney, Alice (ABT 1354-ABT 1436)
Tilney, Sir Frederick (ABT 1320-UNKNOWN)
Tipton, Ingie (ABT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Tipton, Jr, James Henderson (15 NOV 1864-29 JUL 1942)
Tipton, Thomas C. (ABT 1887-UNKNOWN)
Todd, Geoffrey (ABT 1589-ABT 1647)
Todd, Isabella Minor (ABT 1654-UNKNOWN)
Todd, Captain, Thomas (UNKNOWN-30 MAY 1675)
Tompkins, Dicey A. (ABT 1910-AFT 1930)
Tonantius, Ferrcolus (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Toomey, Barbara (7 AUG 1806-29 JAN 1860)
Toomy, Ambrose (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, John (UNKNOWN-1668)
Townsend, Rachel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Travilla, Ann (ABT 1721-UNKNOWN)
Travilla, Henry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Travis, Edward (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tressler, Ira Pete (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Trombly, Christine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Truax, Abraham (4 APR 1737-ABT 1790)
Truax, Jr., Abraham Abram (16 JUN 1782-28 MAR 1849)
Truax, Andries Andrew (7 NOV 1775-30 MAY 1851)
Truax, Catherine (29 APR 1813-3 SEP 1846)
Truax, Elias T Gillis (ABT 1727-26 DEC 1820)
Truax, Jacob (9 OCT 1694-16 MAR 1770)
Truax, Jane (12 MAY 1838-5 MAY 1892)
Truax, John (4 NOV 1808-ABT 1888)
Tucherin, Juliana (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tucker, Thomas T. (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Tudor, Margaret (29 NOV 1489-24 NOV 1541)
Tuggle, Ann (ABT 1792-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Anna (ABT 1780-ABT 1827)
Tuggle, Benjamin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Charles (ABT 1754-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Elizabeth (ABT 1706-ABT 1724)
Tuggle, Elizabeth (ABT 1783-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Elizabeth (4 JUL 1761-30 JAN 1823)
Tuggle, Frances (ABT 1796-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Frances (17 AUG 1702-21 FEB 1730/31)
Tuggle, Frances (23 JAN 1764-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Griffin (5 AUG 1737-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, III, Henry (24 FEB 1727/28-18 JAN 1804)
Tuggle, Jr, Henry (ABT 1699-14 MAR 1732/33)
Tuggle, Henry (1781-AFT 1865)
Tuggle, Henry (27 NOV 1731-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Henry (ABT 1755-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, James (20 AUG 1732-1785)
Tuggle, James (15 MAY 1790-9 DEC 1834)
Tuggle, James (30 JUN 1772-19 JAN 1839)
Tuggle, James (19 SEP 1756-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, John (12 FEB 1723/24-ABT 1793)
Tuggle, John (28 FEB 1755-BEF 14 MAY 1820)
Tuggle, John (5 NOV 1704-ABT 1759)
Tuggle, Joshua (10 APR 1758-ABT 1818)
Tuggle, Jr, Joshua (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Judith (ABT 1710-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Lucretia (ABT 1694-16 DEC 1730)
Tuggle, Lucy (ABT 1798-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Martha (3 FEB 1775-29 APR 1854)
Tuggle, Martha (ABT 1698-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Mary (ABT 1779-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Mary (22 SEP 1693-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Mary (18 AUG 1753-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Melger (ABT 1726-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Mollie (18 AUG 1753-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Nancy (ABT 1785-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Nicholas (9 MAR 1735/36-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Rachel (1787-AFT 1850)
Tuggle, Rueben (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Sylvester (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Thomas (10 OCT 1766-10 JAN 1835)
Tuggle, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, Tibithia (27 OCT 1728-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tuggle, William (27 APR 1759-5 JUL 1834)
Tuggle, William (ABT 1747-UNKNOWN)
Tugwell, Alice (ABT 1659-22 NOV 1660)
Tugwell, Ann (15 MAR 1665/66-UNKNOWN)
Tugwell, Henry (7 OCT 1670-3 JAN 1742/43)
Tugwell, Mary (31 OCT 1661-18 JAN 1685/86)
Tugwell, Thomas (4 DEC 1629-DEC 1684)
Tugwell, Jr, Thomas (16 JUN 1664-25 MAR 1687)
Turner, Julia Jesse (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Tuttle, Abner (BEF 1780-AFT 1797)
Tyrell, Esq, Edward (ABT 1380-UNKNOWN)
Tyrell, Phillippe (ABT 1405-UNKNOWN)
Ulmer, Agnes (ABT 1440-ABT 1505)
Underwood, Alexander (ABT 1688-31 OCT 1767)
Underwood, Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Underwood, Hannah (ABT 1768-UNKNOWN)
Underwood, Samuel (ABT 1715-ABT 1774)
Underwood, Samuel (ABT 1660-11 JUN 1722)
Underwood, Samuel (ABT 1743-8 JUN 1803)
Underwood, Sarah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Underwood, Thomas (ABT 1626-BEF MAY 1674)
Underwood, Col., William (UNKNOWN-ABT 1634)
Van Antwerp, Arent Danielse (ABT 1684-UNKNOWN)
Van Antwerp, Elizabeth (3 MAY 1741-UNKNOWN)
Van Antwerp, Hermanus James (17 JAN 1702/03-UNKNOWN)
Van Antwerp, Neeltje (28 APR 1710-UNKNOWN)
Van Antwerpen, Daniel Janse (ABT 1635-)
Van Breestede, Dorothea Jans Janson (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Van Damn, Mary (ABT 1621-UNKNOWN)
Van Lawa, Johannes (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Van Leeuwen, Analache (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Van Leeuwen, Dinah (1694-UNKNOWN)
Van Leeuwen, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Van Leeuwen, Fematie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Van Leeuwen, Frederick (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Van Leeuwen, Greta (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Van Leeuwen, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Van Leewa, Hendrick (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Van Meter, John (ABT 1683-1745)
Van Meter, Mary Maria J. (26 APR 1709-ABT 1745)
Van Meteren, Joost Jan (ABT 1656-BEF 13 JUN 1706)
Van Middleswaert, Teunis Teunise (1690-UNKNOWN)
Vandercullen, Johanna (ABT 1695-)
Vaughan, Bessie Myrtle (7 JUL 1898-6 MAY 1956)
Vaughn, Mary Caroline Carrie (ABT 1840-ABT 1922)
Vaughn, Rachel E. (AUG 1861-UNKNOWN)
Vermandois, Beatrix Of (WFT Est 855-877-AFT 931)
Vicars, James Elbert (1 SEP 1856-UNKNOWN)
Vicars, William J. (1858-1893)
Victoria, Queen of England (1819-1901)
Vines, Frances Elizabeth Fanny (28 OCT 1798-26 JUN 1876)
Vines, John Silas (ABT 1794-ABT 1829)
Vines, Thomas (ABT 1756-6 JUN 1837)
Volckers, Dorothea (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Volkerson, Dirck (1667-22 JUL 1754)
Von Der Ansach, Catharina (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Von Rosenbusch, (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wacho, Jr., Victo (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Cassie (22 DEC 1751-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Elizabeth (ABT 1753-AFT 1820)
Wade, Elizabeth (ABT 1747-UNKNOWN)
Wade, John (30 APR 1723-31 DEC 1815)
Wade, Leonard (4 APR 1762-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Mary (ABT 9 SEP 1748-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Otho (26 MAY 1766-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Priscilla (27 NOV 1758-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Sara (14 MAR 1757-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Sophia (14 MAR 1755-AFT 1788)
Wagner, Charles Monroe (27 MAR 1876-25 JAN 1968)
Wagner, Fred Kelsie (23 DEC 1905-9 JUL 1960)
Wagner, Ida Jane (NOV 1899-3 OCT 2001)
Wagner, Lakie Belle (2 APR 1894-12 MAY 1971)
Wagner, Mary Darinda (25 DEC 1897-18 FEB 1985)
Wagner, Ollie P. (13 DEC 1907-26 JAN 1995)
Wagner, Oscar Leonard (16 APR 1898-13 AUG 1984)
Wagner, William Kinnie (18 FEB 1903-9 MAR 1958)
Walden, Lewis J. (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Walden, Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Alexander (15 DEC 1779-19 OCT 1848)
Walker, Alexander (19 JUL 1774-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Alexander (19 MAY 1716-1783)
Walker, Jr, Alexander (12 JUL 1765-25 JUL 1824)
Walker, Alexander (ABT 1672-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Ambrose Toomey (19 NOV 1889-23 JUL 1970)
Walker, Anderson (1805-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Anderson (UNKNOWN-AFT 1823)
Walker, Ann (ABT 1789-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Barbara (27 SEP 1741-27 MAR 1814)
Walker, Carroll Marion Millard (1 JAN 1899-13 MAR 1991)
Walker, Daniel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Sr, Daniel J. (1761-21 MAY 1834)
Walker, Daniel S. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Edward S. (ABT 1866-AFT 1900)
Walker, Eleanor (ABT 1895-AFT 1900)
Walker, Elizabeth (APR 1703-1787)
Walker, Elizabeth (8 DEC 1750-22 FEB 1825)
Walker, Elizabeth (ABT 1793-NOV 1817)
Walker, Elizabeth ??? (UNKNOWN-1819)
Walker, Elizabeth Betsy (7 SEP 1757-1787)
Walker, Esther (1720-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Ethel Louise (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Evertt (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, George (ABT 1876-AFT 1880)
Walker, Gertrude (MAY 1891-AFT 1910)
Walker, Grace (NOV 1892-AFT 1910)
Walker, Gregory D. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Henry Gilbert (ABT 1910-AFT 1930)
Walker, Henry Lee (ABT 1875-AFT 1930)
Walker, Hetty (UNKNOWN-ABT 1772)
Walker, Ida Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Isabella (ABT 1785-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Isabella (BEF 1840-UNKNOWN)
Walker, James (17 MAR 1706/07-17 JUN 1787)
Walker, James (21 JUN 1764-7 MAR 1838)
Walker, James (15 MAY 1752-MAY 1791)
Walker, James (ABT 1791-UNKNOWN)
Walker, James (29 JUN 1751-12 APR 1800)
Walker, James Toomey (25 NOV 1825-4 APR 1902)
Walker, Jane (15 APR 1746-DEC 1822)
Walker, Jane (MAY 1712-7 JAN 1793)
Walker, Jane F. (ABT 1783-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Jane P. (UNKNOWN-ABT 1824)
Walker, Janet Jane (ABT 1755-4 JUL 1839)
Walker, Joel (1 MAR 1764-MAY 1834)
Walker, Joel M. (ABT 1856-AFT 1880)
Walker, Joel Pickens (20 NOV 1797-AFT 1870)
Walker, II, John (1677-SEP 1734)
Walker, John (UNKNOWN-18 FEB 1796)
Walker, John (9 FEB 1789-ABT 1838)
Walker, John (5 OCT 1755-2 FEB 1830)
Walker, John (ABT 1824-AFT 1880)
Walker, John (ABT 1650-UNKNOWN)
Walker, John (1 NOV 1747-16 JAN 1814)
Walker, John (ABT 1860-AFT 1880)
Walker, III, John (MAR 1704/05-1773)
Walker, John M. (DEC 1897-AFT 1910)
Walker, John M. (UNKNOWN-1844)
Walker, John Monroe (10 APR 1862-21 SEP 1942)
Walker, Joseph (21 OCT 1758-ABT 1816)
Walker, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Joseph (ABT 1857-AFT 1870)
Walker, Joseph (10 JAN 1761-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Joseph (BEF 1806-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Joseph (15 JUL 1722-15 JUL 1806)
Walker, Joseph Gray (ABT 1781-1814)
Walker, Joseph R. (ABT 1888-AFT 1910)
Walker, Joseph Randolph (ABT 1828-AFT 1880)
Walker, Jr., Joseph Randolph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Joseph Reginald (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Joseph Rutherford (13 DEC 1798-27 OCT 1876)
Walker, Josephine Josie E. (FEB 1866-14 APR 1890)
Walker, Justin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Katherine (12 FEB 1743/44-31 MAY 1815)
Walker, Ketrane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Laura B. (ABT 1871-AFT 1880)
Walker, Laura Virginia (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Leah (1800-FEB 1826)
Walker, Lee (ABT 1899-AFT 1900)
Walker, Louisa (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Louisa Barbara (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Lucinda Lucy (UNKNOWN-BEF 1845)
Walker, Margaret (ABT 1797-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Margaret (ABT 1742-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Margaret "Peggy" (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Martha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Mary (ABT 1855-AFT 1880)
Walker, Mary (1724-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Mary Campbell (1754-1811)
Walker, Mary Montgomery (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Nancy (ABT 1760-1 DEC 1850)
Walker, Nancy (ABT 1787-JAN 1814)
Walker, Newton V. (BEF 1840-AFT 1870)
Walker, Samuel (ABT 1741-ABT 1776)
Walker, Samuel (21 MAR 1762-13 JUN 1842)
Walker, Jr., Capt., Samuel (1748-5 JUL 1830)
Walker, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Samuel (25 DEC 1714-FEB 1793)
Walker, Samuel S. (ABT 1790-1852)
Walker, Sarah (ABT 1795-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Sarah (20 JAN 1749/50-ABT 1839)
Walker, Suckey Susan (20 AUG 1762-OCT 1835)
Walker, Susan (ABT 1802-ABT 1860)
Walker, Susanna (21 FEB 1738/39-ABT 1814)
Walker, Thomas (1709-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Thomas Hudson (31 OCT 1774-UNKNOWN)
Walker, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, William (1788-1868)
Walker, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walker, William (1711-UNKNOWN)
Walker, William S. (ABT 1765-22 JAN 1824)
Walker, Wylis Willis (ABT 1871-AFT 1880)
Wallace, ??? (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wallace, Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wallace, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Waller, Jacob (1798-UNKNOWN)
Waller, Thomas Riley (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walter, (UNKNOWN-306)
Walton, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Walton, George (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ward, Ali (19 MAR 1857-UNKNOWN)
Ward, Bascom C. (4 MAY 1876-UNKNOWN)
Ward, Benjamin (23 JAN 1854-UNKNOWN)
Ward, Billy Wayne (2 FEB 1935-28 JAN 1998)
Ward, Delphia Bragg (1780-ABT 1865)
Ward, J. L. (ABT 1850-ABT 1900)
Ward, William (ABT 1874-UNKNOWN)
Ward, William A. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Warder, Joseph (UNKNOWN-BEF 1880)
Warman, Charles (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Warner, Virginia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Warnock, Michael (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Warren, Joan (ABT 1540-22 AUG 1584)
Warrick, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wattmer, Frances (1565-8 SEP 1609)
Wattmer, William (1539-ABT 1599)
Watts, Catherine (ABT 1809-AFT 1880)
Watts, Elizabeth (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Granville (ABT 1842-BEF 1865)
Watts, Granville H. (6 JUL 1818-ABT 1883)
Watts, Harvey Henry (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Henry (ABT 1816-AFT 1891)
Watts, Henry (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Hiram Hyram P. (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Hiram Patton (6 SEP 1832-AFT 1910)
Watts, Isabelle (ABT 1859-AFT 1870)
Watts, John (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Joseph (ABT 1776-AFT 26 JAN 1849)
Watts, Joseph L. (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Joshua (ABT 1835-AFT 1850)
Watts, Louisa (4 JUL 1840-6 DEC 1856)
Watts, Mahala J. (ABT 1838-AFT 1850)
Watts, Martha E. (ABT 1854-AFT 1870)
Watts, Mary A.
Watts, Mary Polly (ABT 1775-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Nancy (ABT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Nancy S. J. (ABT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Ruth (ABT 1830-AFT 1850)
Watts, Jr., Samuel (ABT 1767-ABT 1808)
Watts, Sr., Samuel (ABT 1738-ABT 1813)
Watts, Sarah (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Sarena Larenda Lucinda J. (ABT 1834-1 AUG 1865)
Watts, Stanfield (ABT 1805-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Stephen J. (ABT 1844-AFT 1880)
Watts, Thomas M. (ABT 1765-ABT 1819)
Watts, Thomas Milton (ABT 1815-AFT 1880)
Watts, William (ABT 1801-UNKNOWN)
Watts, William (ABT 1773-UNKNOWN)
Watts, William H. (ABT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Watts, William O. (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Weaver, Catherine (ABT 1770-ABT 1830)
Webb, Addie (ABT 1894-UNKNOWN)
Webb, Mary (ABT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Weddington, Mary Catherine (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Weddington, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Weekes, William (ABT 1628-13 DEC 1677)
Weeks, Renew (12 AUG 1660-29 JUL 1703)
Wells, Arminta (1845-UNKNOWN)
Wells, George (1798-UNKNOWN)
Wells, Moses (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Wells, Moses (13 APR 1804-UNKNOWN)
Wells, Richard (UNKNOWN-BEF 1844)
Westendorff, Christina (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Weston, John R. (1902-1973)
Whaley, Martha (1680-1773)
Whaley, Richard (1590-UNKNOWN)
Whaley, Theophilus (1616-1720)
Wheatley, Elizabeth (ABT 1527-BET 1556 AND 1621)
Wheatley, Robert (ABT 1494-UNKNOWN)
Whetenhall, Rose (ABT 1499-UNKNOWN)
Whetenhall, Esq., William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
White, Agnes (26 FEB 1715/16-29 NOV 1795)
White, Agnes (26 FEB 1715/16-29 NOV 1795)
White, James Claiborne (UNKNOWN-1836)
Whitley, Margaret A. (11 OCT 1809-)
Wight, John (ABT 1675-1729)
Wight, Mary (12 JAN 1701/02-28 JUN 1759)
Wilcocks, Mary Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wilford, Cicely (ABT 1534-ABT 1610)
Williams, ??? (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Abraham (10 FEB 1820-9 DEC 1858)
Williams, Abraham (MAR 1821-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Alexander (15 APR 1847-8 MAR 1923)
Williams, Andrew J. (3 JUN 1832-4 DEC 1887)
Williams, Atocia Anglina "Docey Ann" (1826-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Catherine (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Disa (1814-26 DEC 1895)
Williams, Donna (ABT 1861-ABT 1931)
Williams, Elisha Breeding (9 MAY 1849-19 APR 1922)
Williams, Eliza Emily (9 APR 1858-8 SEP 1916)
Williams, Elizabeth (1866-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Elizabeth C. (26 MAR 1836-7 SEP 1885)
Williams, Elizabeth Jane (1848-AFT 1920)
Williams, Elizabeth Jane (1837-ABT 1896)
Williams, Esther Esteley (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Fred (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, George Calhoun (9 NOV 1793-29 SEP 1872)
Williams, George Washington (ABT 1858-1939)
Williams, George Washington (1833-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Harvey H. (22 APR 1860-1943)
Williams, James (ABT 1793-ABT 1851)
Williams, James (1 JUN 1826-31 MAY 1882)
Williams, Jeremiah M. (ABT 1846-ABT 1868)
Williams, Jerry H. (2 OCT 1862-15 OCT 1936)
Williams, Jerry Myra (16 AUG 1867-6 OCT 1961)
Williams, John James (ABT 1796-UNKNOWN)
Williams, John Loars (1828-AFT 1908)
Williams, John Wesley (ABT 1846-1930)
Williams, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Juliann (ABT 1839-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Kenneth R. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Lewis P. (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Lewis Patton (ABT 1852-ABT 1918)
Williams, Lisa (17 MAR 1962-)
Williams, Louisa Ann (21 MAY 1856-AFT 1880)
Williams, Mahalia "Hulda" (ABT 1853-AFT 1920)
Williams, Martha (31 AUG 1840-28 SEP 1931)
Williams, Martha E. (6 FEB 1868-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Mary Ann (ABT 1855-ABT 1926)
Williams, Mary Mahala (ABT 1886-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Mary Polly (JUL 1831-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Melvina (1840-AFT 1900)
Williams, Minerva Jane (1 DEC 1842-30 NOV 1917)
Williams, Nancy Dorinda (ABT 1854-1911)
Williams, Nora P. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Rachel (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Rail Martin (1824-8 MAY 1869)
Williams, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Sarah D. (24 JAN 1860-AFT 1920)
Williams, Sarah Jemima (12 DEC 1865-12 MAY 1926)
Williams, Thomas Cross (2 NOV 1851-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Thomas Winfield (14 OCT 1854-9 DEC 1927)
Williams, Thomas Woolsey (ABT 1808-ABT 1885)
Williamson, Arabella (ABT 1675-AFT 1737)
Williamson, Benjamin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Hammond (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Henry (ABT 1643-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Dr, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Mary (1800-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Mary (ABT 1817-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Willis, Bartlett (ABT 1757-UNKNOWN)
Willis, Henry (ABT 1690-ABT 1740)
Willis, Mary (ABT 1764-UNKNOWN)
Willis, Robert (12 MAR 1724/25-1766)
Willis, Susan (BEF 1762-AFT 1816)
Willis, William (29 SEP 1760-ABT 1823)
Willoughby, Margaret (ABT 1385-ABT 1444)
Willoughby, Lord, William (1368-1408)
Wilsford, James (UNKNOWN-ABT 1499)
Wilsford, Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wilsford, Thomas (ABT 1499-UNKNOWN)
Wilsford, William (ABT 1360-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, George (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Letitia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Susanna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wininger, Jacob (2 MAR 1792-UNKNOWN)
Winne, May Ruth (UNKNOWN-)
Winne, Samuella (UNKNOWN-)
Winscott, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Margaret (UNKNOWN-BEF 6 MAR 1664/65)
Winthrop, Anne (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Witten, Martha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Witten, Rebecca Jane (12 MAR 1818-UNKNOWN)
Wolfe, Charles (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wolsey, Cardinal Thomas (4 MAR 1470/71-29 NOV 1530)
Wolsey, George (ABT 1537-UNKNOWN)
Wolsey, George Joris (27 OCT 1610-17 AUG 1698)
Wolsey, Rev. Benjamin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wolsey, Richard (ABT 1697-21 APR 1777)
Wolsey, Robert (1430-UNKNOWN)
Wolsey, Thomas (10 APR 1655-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Abraham (BEF 1610-BEF 1683)
Wood, Elizabeth (7 JUN 1782-5 APR 1849)
Wood, Margaret (ABT 1641-MAY 1719)
Woods, Hansell (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Woolsey, George (ABT 1748-ABT 1817)
Woolsey, Jeremiah (ABT 1782-UNKNOWN)
Woolsey, Patricia Priscilla (ABT 1771-BEF 1820)
Woolsey, Rev. Thomas W. (ABT 1719-17 DEC 1794)
Worley, Charles Elbert (21 AUG 1890-11 NOV 1943)
Wrenn, Catherine (UNKNOWN-NOV 1822)
Wright, Anthony (1674-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Elizabeth (DEC 1668-1702)
Wright, Gideon (1672-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Gideon (1630-1685)
Wright, Hannah (1678-UNKNOWN)
Wright, John (1680-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Moses (8 DEC 1830-17 JUN 1864)
Wright, Peter (1600-1662)
Wright, Peter (1670-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Silvanus (1676-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Tabiatha (1683-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Zacharias (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wroth, John (ABT 1450-ABT 1518)
Wroth, Mabel (ABT 1541-ABT 1597)
Wroth, Robert (ABT 1490-ABT 1536)
Wroth, Sir Thomas (ABT 1516-9 OCT 1573)
Wulsi, William (1512-16 OCT 1557)
Wynne, Joshua (20 MAR 1661/62-BEF 30 MAR 1715)
Wynne, Mary Polly (19 MAR 1784-27 JUL 1816)
Wynne, Peter (25 NOV 1593-30 MAY 1638)
Wynne, Col., Robert (20 DEC 1622-BEF 8 OCT 1675)
Wynne, Robert (ABT 1563-6 SEP 1609)
Wynne, William (1700-8 OCT 1778)
Wynne, William (10 AUG 1729-8 JUL 1808)
Wypeham, Alice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wyrick, Howard (UNKNOWN-)
Yeary, Rachel N. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Young, Alice (UNKNOWN-)
Young, Elizabeth (ABT 1650-UNKNOWN)
Young, Joe (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Young, John E. (UNKNOWN-)
Young, Martha (UNKNOWN-AFT 1840)
Young, Mary A. (15 APR 1800-15 AUG 1856)
Zack, Jane Elizabeth (15 NOV 1984-)
Zack, Joseph Mitchell (2 JUN 1980-)
Zack, Joseph William (14 AUG 1948-)
Zirkle, Elizabeth Catherine (ABT 1754-AFT 1840)
\\\, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-1787)
d'Ardennes, Bonnie (BET 935 AND 961-BET 984 AND 1049)
de Landis, Begga (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
de Landis, Pipin (615-647)
de Monboucher, Isabel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
de Rothirforde, Aymer (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
de Rothirforde, Margarette (UNKNOWN-AFT 1296)
eardis, Margaret Erdington (ABT 1353-UNKNOWN)


"How can a tangled web that appears so open be so impregnable as when we try to pierce it when we delve into genealogy!"
-Jerry A. Penley-

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