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Family Tree Names

Philpott, David H. (1858-1933)
Philpott, Matthew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Philpott, Michall "Mike" (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phipps, Elkanah Delaney (JUL 1843-1909)
Pickens, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pickering, Reuben Harrison (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pierce, Joseph (7 APR 1714-3 MAY 1787)
Pierce, Sarah (ABT 1661-ABT 1692)
Pierce, Sarah (UNKNOWN-AFT 1794)
Pierce, Stephen (7 AUG 1739-28 JAN 1805)
Pierce, Col., William (UNKNOWN-BEF 22 MAY 1647)
Pierce, William (ABT 1631-BEF 1702)
Pierce, Zilpah (15 SEP 1762-17 MAY 1830)
Piercy, Elizabeth J. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pile, Carrie L. (4 APR 1871-9 JUN 1929)
Pile, George W. (12 AUG 1867-UNKNOWN)
Pile, John W. (22 MAY 1840-9 SEP 1908)
Pile, Mary (ABT 1873-)
Pile, Priscilla (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pile, Samuel (ABT 1877-UNKNOWN)
Piles, David (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Piles, David S. (ABT 1812-BEF SEP 1853)
Piles, Eliza (ABT 1844-UNKNOWN)
Piles, Margaret (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Piles, Mary (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, Anna V. (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, Aron H. (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, Elizabeth (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, George (ABT 1817-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, George W. (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, James M. (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, Louisa A. (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, Mary (ABT 1815-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, Sarah (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, Thomas (ABT 1828-UNKNOWN)
Pinson, Thomas B. (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Pirie, Elspet (ABT 1667-UNKNOWN)
Plantagunet, Count Of Anjon, Geoffrey (UNKNOWN-7 JUL 1150)
Plaster, George (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Plaster, Vivian (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Poage, Martha (20 DEC 1742-AUG 1786)
Poitou, Adelaid Of (945-1004)
Pollard, Edwin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pollard, John M. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pollard, Marguerite (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pollard, Oliver (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Poor, Gillie (ABT 1877-AFT 1930)
Pope, Elizabeth (JUN 1667-1716)
Pope, Humphrey (UNKNOWN-1684)
Pope, Jr, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pope, Thomas (22 NOV 1753-UNKNOWN)
Poplett, Thompson (15 JAN 1799-13 AUG 1868)
Porter, Alafara (ABT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Alexander (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Alexander (17 JUL 1859-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Alexander (ABT 1818-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Alexander (ABT 1796-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Amanda Eunice (1848-1923)
Porter, Amanda M. (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Amelia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Angelina (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Ann (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Anna L. (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Anna Lily (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Anne (31 MAR 1773-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Jr., Benjamin (6 OCT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Benjamin (ABT 1841-AFT 1860)
Porter, Benjamin B. (ABT 1837-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Benjamin F. (ABT 1823-25 DEC 1861)
Porter, Benjamin Patrick (ABT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Clementine (ABT 1828-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Cora Bennett (1868-1925)
Porter, Cornelius H. (1848-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Cynthia (ABT 1851-AFT 1860)
Porter, Daniel (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Dicy (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Dorothy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Eldridge (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Eliza Ida (1860-1944)
Porter, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Elizabeth (14 FEB 1789-19 MAR 1878)
Porter, Elizabeth (1821-1885)
Porter, Elizabeth (1 MAR 1858-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Elizabeth (2 AUG 1789-10 JUN 1833)
Porter, Ella Jane (1835-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Ella Josephine (1855-1939)
Porter, Emaline (ABT 1874-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Emily (ABT 1839-AFT 1860)
Porter, Ernest (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Etta D. (ABT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Francis (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Porter, George Washington (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Hannah Parthenia (1857-1925)
Porter, Harry L. (13 OCT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Henry (11 SEP 1857-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Henry Logan (1842-1913)
Porter, Israel (23 SEP 1859-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Jacob M. (19 DEC 1858-UNKNOWN)
Porter, James (ABT 1843-AFT 1860)
Porter, James (ABT 1834-11 JAN 1886)
Porter, James Andrew (1838-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Jane (UNKNOWN-16 JUL 1789)
Porter, Jane (9 SEP 1761-24 SEP 1843)
Porter, Jane (9 NOV 1856-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Jane (18 MAY 1855-11 DEC 1858)
Porter, Jane (ABT 1814-9 AUG 1854)
Porter, Jane Jenny (ABT 1792-AFT 1841)
Porter, Jane Penelope (1853-1890)
Porter, Jefferson (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Porter, John (23 DEC 1797-UNKNOWN)
Porter, John (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Porter, John M. (1833-1899)
Porter, John Walker (19 APR 1759-23 NOV 1842)
Porter, Joseph (ABT 1790-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Jr, Joseph (1832-ABT 1904)
Porter, Julia (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Julia Grace (10 OCT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Katherine (1807-11 AUG 1854)
Porter, Katherine (9 JUN 1768-5 SEP 1853)
Porter, Kennedy (Canada) L. (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Lena S. (29 NOV 1897-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Levi (ABT 1845-AFT 1860)
Porter, Linton C. (ABT 1838-AFT 1860)
Porter, Louisa J. (ABT 1847-AFT 1860)
Porter, Lucretia (ABT 1822-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Lucretia (ABT 1852-20 NOV 1858)
Porter, Mahala Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Manerva (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Margaret (ABT 1808-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Margaret Belle (4 JAN 1900-MAR 1986)
Porter, Martha M. (1839-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Marvin Samuel (1870-1956)
Porter, Mary (25 FEB 1771-1842)
Porter, Mary (APR 1857-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Mary (ABT 1841-AFT 1860)
Porter, Mary Elizabeth (5 AUG 1853-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Matilda (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Melvina (13 AUG 1854-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Minerva (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Myrtle (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Nancy Beck (ABT 1828-ABT 1888)
Porter, Nancy Eugenia (1862-1925)
Porter, Nevada (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Jr, Patrick (12 FEB 1776-UNKNOWN)
Porter, III, Patrick (1806-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Patrick (1 MAY 1731-1807)
Porter, Patrick (ABT 1854-AFT 1860)
Porter, Paulina (28 NOV 1855-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Paulina (ABT 1863-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Polly (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Rachel (ABT 1706-ABT 1771)
Porter, Rebecca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Rebecca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Rebecca (29 MAY 1858-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Rhoda (ABT 1867-ABT 1941)
Porter, Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Robert E. (14 NOV 1875-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Robert L. (ABT 1865-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Rosa Lee (1865-1867)
Porter, Ruth Rose (1863-1925)
Porter, Samuel (7 FEB 1757-1803)
Porter, Samuel L. (1800-1883)
Porter, Samuel Patton (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Samuel W. (20 JUN 1875-19 DEC 1957)
Porter, Samuel W. (27 FEB 1890-9 SEP 1912)
Porter, Samuel Walker (5 MAY 1794-19 MAY 1881)
Porter, Jr, Samuel Walker (6 JAN 1825-DEC 1867)
Porter, Sarah (27 NOV 1859-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Sarah E. (ABT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Sarah Jane (ABT 1791-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Solomon (ABT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Susan Esther (16 MAY 1894-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Susanna (ABT 1863-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Susanna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Susanna Elizabeth (29 JUL 1763-30 NOV 1802)
Porter, Teelie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Thomas Lee (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Thomas Martin (1828-1892)
Porter, Violet (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Violet Ventress (15 NOV 1801-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Washington Tubbs (11 NOV 1855-ABT 1938)
Porter, William G. (ABT 1812-UNKNOWN)
Porter, William Green (1836-UNKNOWN)
Porter, William O. (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Porter, William W. (ABT 1863-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Zelpha (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Powell, Ap (ABT 1472-BET 1502 AND 1563)
Powell, Bettie (28 APR 1860-21 JAN 1901)
Powell, Wethlyan (ABT 1498-BET 1524 AND 1592)
Powers, Martha Ellen (ABT 1900-ABT 1970)
Preecs, Thomas (UNKNOWN-1759)
Prees, Rees
Presley, Elizabeth (1739-19 MAR 1818)
Preston, Allison (18 NOV 1855-UNKNOWN)
Preston, Burgess M. (ABT 1817-1875)
Preston, Clayton R. (22 OCT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Preston, John H. C. (9 NOV 1852-UNKNOWN)
Preston, Mary Helen (1847-1910)
Preston, Samuel Walker (1844-UNKNOWN)
Preston, Winfield Scott (1850-1926)
Price, Adah Leuisa (MAY 1882-UNKNOWN)
Price, Alvin Oliver (14 NOV 1854-AFT 1910)
Price, Andrew F. (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Price, Anna (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Price, Anthony B. (JUN 1891-UNKNOWN)
Price, Archie H. (APR 1887-UNKNOWN)
Price, Armentia (ABT 1908-UNKNOWN)
Price, Arthur (ABT 1908-UNKNOWN)
Price, Auda E. (DEC 1899-UNKNOWN)
Price, Bailey (ABT 1914-UNKNOWN)
Price, Benjamine Franklin (ABT 1823-UNKNOWN)
Price, Cadeland Jo (MAY 1893-UNKNOWN)
Price, Caldona (JUN 1881-UNKNOWN)
Price, Charles C. (APR 1889-UNKNOWN)
Price, Charley B. (ABT 1909-UNKNOWN)
Price, Charley Johnson (ABT 1872-UNKNOWN)
Price, Charlie Lee (9 JUL 1885-21 JUL 1966)
Price, Charmie Epson (1915-UNKNOWN)
Price, Clarence (ABT 1918-UNKNOWN)
Price, Clyde (ABT 1918-UNKNOWN)
Price, Cousby A. (30 NOV 1890-21 MAY 1952)
Price, Crockett H. (ABT 1853-BEF 1920)
Price, Daniel (AUG 1899-UNKNOWN)
Price, Daugherty (ABT 1913-UNKNOWN)
Price, David (ABT 1852-AFT 1880)
Price, David C. F. (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Price, Drewry (Drury) (ABT 1790-UNKNOWN)
Price, Edith (1801-1873)
Price, Elbert P. (ABT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Price, Elizabeth (ABT 1862-UNKNOWN)
Price, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Price, Erma Lee (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Price, Eveline (ABT 1902-UNKNOWN)
Price, Floyd (ABT 1916-UNKNOWN)
Price, Frances (ABT 1827-26 DEC 1879)
Price, Frances "Frank" (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Price, Francis Leah (APR 1879-UNKNOWN)
Price, Gentry (1 NOV 1917-10 DEC 1957)
Price, George W. (30 SEP 1840-30 JUN 1920)
Price, Girthel (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Price, Girthel Irene (22 APR 1921-)
Price, Glenford Hugh (9 AUG 1924-20 JUN 1990)
Price, Hamilton (ABT 1865-UNKNOWN)
Price, Hannah (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Price, Hannah (MAR 1826-19 AUG 1862)
Price, Hattie (ABT 1915-UNKNOWN)
Price, Hays (ABT 1920-UNKNOWN)
Price, Henry A. (OCT 1884-ABT 1944)
Price, Henry Jefferson (NOV 1878-UNKNOWN)
Price, Hezekia (ABT 1918-UNKNOWN)
Price, Hezekial (APR 1881-ABT 1941)
Price, Hugh B. (1 MAR 1914-12 MAR 1914)
Price, Ira Bruce (24 MAR 1879-UNKNOWN)
Price, James (ABT 1820-)
Price, James A. (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Price, James Joshua (OCT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Price, James T. (1830-UNKNOWN)
Price, James Wade (MAR 1882-1955)
Price, Jincet "Jincy" (ABT 1817-ABT 1852)
Price, John (ABT 1825-UNKNOWN)
Price, John James (4 JAN 1851-18 MAY 1927)
Price, John Mathias (14 SEP 1824-AFT 1880)
Price, John Mathias (15 MAY 1841-20 APR 1919)
Price, Joseph (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Price, Katie (ABT 1914-UNKNOWN)
Price, Kyle (ABT 1914-AFT 1930)
Price, Laura B. (OCT 1893-UNKNOWN)
Price, Leah (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Price, Lewis C. (MAR 1887-UNKNOWN)
Price, Lona (1918-1988)
Price, Louis (ABT 1919-UNKNOWN)
Price, Lucinda D. (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Price, Lucy (ABT 1900-UNKNOWN)
Price, Margaret (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Price, Margaret (6 NOV 1855-UNKNOWN)
Price, Margaret (ABT 1806-AFT 1880)
Price, Margaret J. (1848-UNKNOWN)
Price, Margaretta (ABT 1880-UNKNOWN)
Price, Mark (ABT 1820-UNKNOWN)
Price, Martha E. (OCT 1893-UNKNOWN)
Price, Marvin (ABT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Price, Mary (26 SEP 1886-1 JAN 1904)
Price, Mary (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Price, Mary A. (APR 1898-UNKNOWN)
Price, Mary Ann (1852-UNKNOWN)
Price, Mary Jane (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Price, Millard Fillmore (JUL 1882-UNKNOWN)
Price, Minerva (FEB 1890-UNKNOWN)
Price, Mollie (SEP 1884-UNKNOWN)
Price, Moses McDaniel
Price, Nancy Ann (1849-23 NOV 1920)
Price, Nancy F. (3 APR 1855-14 FEB 1910)
Price, Oliver (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Price, Oneita (ABT 1907-UNKNOWN)
Price, Oney (1900-28 AUG 1959)
Price, Paul (ABT 1915-UNKNOWN)
Price, Priscilla (5 OCT 1865-3 MAY 1959)
Price, Ralph (ABT 1915-UNKNOWN)
Price, Ray (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Price, Sr, Richard (ABT 1777-10 AUG 1855)
Price, Jr, Richard (ABT 1812-AFT 1880)
Price, Richard (ABT 1736-1803)
Price, Roberta (6 FEB 1912-UNKNOWN)
Price, Sarah Sally (5 SEP 1830-12 MAR 1904)
Price, Shelborn (ABT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Price, Silas B. (ABT 1874-AFT 1930)
Price, Susannah Caroline (1861-AFT 1910)
Price, Susie Brooks (1912-1977)
Price, Thomas (ABT 1730-1804)
Price, Thomas R. (1818-AFT 1880)
Price, Vergie L. (ABT 1918-UNKNOWN)
Price, Vieia (APR 1885-UNKNOWN)
Price, Virnie (ABT 1909-UNKNOWN)
Price, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Price, William (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Price, William C. (ABT 1927-AFT 1930)
Price, William H. (ABT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Price, William Lee (1911-AFT 1920)
Price, William Sanders Sands (24 DEC 1856-AFT 1930)
Price, Wyley (JUL 1895-UNKNOWN)
Provence, Constance Of (986-25 JUL 1032)
Provence, Raymond Berenger Count Of (WFT Est 1155-1194-WFT Est 1197-1275)
Pulliam, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pulliam, Mary Jane (ABT 1704-1774)
Qualls, Martha L. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Queen, Frances (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Quillen, Casa (ABT 1779-AFT 1840)
Quillen, Ellen (1870-UNKNOWN)
Quillen, George P. (1 SEP 1863-1 DEC 1925)
Quillen, Henry (5 SEP 1841-8 APR 1925)
Quillen, John (10 MAR 1757-ABT 1840)
Quillen, Joseph W. (1880-1956)
Quillen, Leaven Leven Levin (ABT 1787-AFT 1870)
Quillen, Lula (1874-18 MAY 1961)
Quillen, Margaret Jane (19 APR 1861-8 APR 1938)
Quillen, Martin (ABT 1800-AFT 1858)
Quillen, Minnie (JUN 1884-UNKNOWN)
Quillen, Susannah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Quillen, Teague (ABT 1725-UNKNOWN)
Quillen, Will M. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Raines, Anna (1801-13 FEB 1884)
Randolph, Bernard (ABT 1504-UNKNOWN)
Randolph, Hannah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Randolph, Judith (ABT 1534-UNKNOWN)
Rankin, Catherine (4 JUN 1771-DEC 1844)
Rankin, James S. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Raoul, III, The Great, (WFT Est 982-1019-WFT Est 1028-1099)
Ratliff, Frederick (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rawson, Margaret (ABT 1396-ABT 1460)
Reade, Frances (ABT 1707-AFT 1778)
Reed, Christina (1794-UNKNOWN)
Regnier, I, (WFT Est 833-869-916)
Reinald, (WFT Est 909-964-WFT Est 954-1044)
Renaud, (WFT Est 913-941-15 MAR 972/73)
Renfro, Rebecca (ABT 1781-ABT 1863)
Reverston, John (ABT 1845-AFT 1880)
Reynolds, John (ABT 1772-UNKNOWN)
Reynolds, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rhea, Marnie Mary Lucy (12 FEB 1868-27 SEP 1897)
Rhea, Mary Lucy
Rhea, Samuel (ABT 1829-AFT 1900)
Rhoton, Letha (1877-BEF 1930)
Rice, Ann (ABT NOV 1692-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Jacob (ABT 1693-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Mary (ABT 1694-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Nicholas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Richard (ABT 1690-NOV 1742)
Rice, William (ABT 1690-UNKNOWN)
Rice, William Pinley (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Mary (ABT 1524-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Otis Jeffrey (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Sir, Richard (ABT 1496-12 JUN 1567)
Rich, Richard (ABT 1421-ABT 1469)
Rich, Richard (ABT 1471-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Thomas (ABT 1446-UNKNOWN)
Richard, Gilbert Fitz (WFT Est 1047-1069-1070)
Richardson, Morgan (ABT 1755-BEF 1785)
Richie, Mary Belle (25 DEC 1869-UNKNOWN)
Richimir, II, (UNKNOWN-350)
Riley, Martha (ABT 1734-UNKNOWN)
Ritchie, Samuel (UNKNOWN-16 DEC 1818)
Robbins, Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Robert, I, (866-15 JUN 923)
Robert, II, "The Pious", (27 MAR 972-20 JUL 1031)
Roberts, Alice A. (ABT 1873-AFT 1880)
Roberts, Andrew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Annie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Dora Grey (4 MAR 1892-16 DEC 1939)
Roberts, Hattie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Hettie L. (ABT 1872-13 JAN 1945)
Roberts, James A. (ABT 1878-AFT 1880)
Roberts, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary S. (ABT 1875-AFT 1880)
Roberts, Nora Sue (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Richard T. (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Capt. George (ABT 1695-MAR 1763)
Robinson, Catherine Priscilla (ABT 1694-AFT MAY 1765)
Robinson, George (ABT 1636-BEF FEB 1693/94)
Robinson, Hannah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, James (28 JUL 1667-BEF 20 DEC 1726)
Robinson, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Samuel B. (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Rockell, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rockell, Robert (ABT 1284-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Ader G. (ABT 1896-AFT 1920)
Rogers, Ann E. (26 FEB 1836-13 DEC 1882)
Rogers, Callie C. (ABT 1882-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Carrie Marie (ABT 1868-3 FEB 1939)
Rogers, Charles C. (27 DEC 1887-AFT 1920)
Rogers, Charles Dale (ABT 1917-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Charley (ABT 1874-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Cynthia (ABT 1766-ABT 1831)
Rogers, Edward (ABT 1872-AFT 1895)
Rogers, Edward Solomon (1744-1825)
Rogers, Emiline (6 APR 1815-19 SEP 1888)
Rogers, Ernest George (ABT 1893-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Ernest George (ABT 1915-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Eunice E. (ABT 1927-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Frances Jane (1 APR 1783-8 FEB 1837)
Rogers, George (ABT 1839-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, George W. (25 NOV 1865-6 JAN 1954)
Rogers, Harrison George (ABT 1767-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Harry L. (ABT 1898-AFT 1920)
Rogers, Hellen M. (ABT 1904-AFT 1920)
Rogers, Hubert L. (ABT 1900-AFT 1920)
Rogers, Irvin C. (ABT 1922-AFT 1930)
Rogers, James Edward (22 JUN 1785-22 DEC 1866)
Rogers, John (ABT 1651-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, John (ABT 1680-22 DEC 1718)
Rogers, John (1783-10 MAY 1862)
Rogers, Leah B. (ABT 1841-26 SEP 1868)
Rogers, Leah Bayley (ABT 1810-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Leona (ABT 1904-AFT 1920)
Rogers, Lewis (ABT 1784-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Louella (26 OCT 1889-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Louisa (10 MAY 1818-18 DEC 1890)
Rogers, Mary (1750-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Mary J. (ABT 1929-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Polly (1753-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Raymond V. (ABT 1901-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Raymond V. (ABT 1924-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Rhodam E. (1756-JUL 1843)
Rogers, Richard (1708-ABT 1774)
Rogers, Richard (1747-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Robert (ABT 1789-ABT 1825)
Rogers, Robert G. (ABT 1918-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Stephen (23 FEB 1831-21 APR 1906)
Rogers, Susan Irene (ABT 1903-AFT 1930)
Rogers, Tamigene (ABT 1843-AFT 1870)
Rogers, William A. (ABT 1925-AFT 1930)
Rogers, William A. (ABT 1770-AFT 1844)
Rogers, William A. (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, William A. (13 OCT 1741-ABT 1832)
Rogers, William A. (ABT 1879-1950)
Rogers, William E. (8 NOV 1806-14 NOV 1888)
Rollestan, Isabel (ABT 1501-UNKNOWN)
Rollestan, Thomas (ABT 1471-UNKNOWN)
Rolleston, John (ABT 1441-UNKNOWN)
Roos, Anne (ABT 1445-ABT 1510)
Roos, Thomas (ABT 1403-ABT 1480)
Rothirforde, Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Round, Jabez (28 SEP 1708-11 MAR 1790)
Round, Jabez (8 JAN 1734/35-29 MAY 1806)
Round, John (ABT 1672-ABT 1758)
Round, John (ABT 1645-7 OCT 1716)
Round, Prudence (ABT 1764-26 FEB 1845)
Rowland, Fifth Lord of Sutton (ABT 1190-ABT 1259)
Ruckh, Carl Gotlief (5 FEB 1873-UNKNOWN)
Rudisil, Margarette (1675-1764)
Russell, ??? (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Allen (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Andrew (ABT 1570-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Archibald (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Dovie Juanita (5 MAY 1931-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Esther (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, of Langnewton, George (BEF 1428-16 FEB 1498/99)
Rutherford, George (UNKNOWN-ABT 1678)
Rutherford, of Chatto, George (UNKNOWN-6 FEB 1428/29)
Rutherford, of the Knowe, George (ABT 1564-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, George (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, James (ABT 1684-26 APR 1768)
Rutherford, James (UNKNOWN-15 JUL 1455)
Rutherford, Capt., James (ABT 1604-20 MAR 1660/61)
Rutherford, Jean (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, of the Knowe, John (ABT 1480-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, I, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, John (ABT 1653-ABT 1737)
Rutherford, of the Knowe, John (ABT 1530-AFT 1590)
Rutherford, Katherine (1682-1738)
Rutherford, Patrick (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Quintin (ABT 1489-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, of Chatto, Robert (UNKNOWN-1428)
Rutherford, Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Rev., Samuel (ABT 1600-29 MAR 1661)
Rutherford, Rev., Samuel (ABT 1655-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Thomas (ABT 1568-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, Walter (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, William (ABT 1574-UNKNOWN)
Rutherford, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rutherfurd, Janet (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ruthirfurde, Malcolm (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ryan, Patricia Thelma (16 MAR 1912-UNKNOWN)
Saeger, Marie Seeger (ABT 1670-UNKNOWN)
Salisbury, Sybil of (ABT 1127-UNKNOWN)
Salyer, Benjamin (1762-1825)
Salyer, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Salyer, Sr., Isaiah (1752-3 DEC 1818)
Salyer, John (1760-5 OCT 1843)
Salyer, Martin Dunn (1756-22 AUG 1851)
Salyer, Rebecca (1770-1846)
Salyer, Sarah (1770-1850)
Salyer, Jr., Zachariah (1765-1845)
Salyer, Sr., Zachariah (1730-1789)
Sampson, James Edward (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sandelands, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sandes, George (ABT 1440-AFT 1513)
Sandes, Robert (ABT 1279-AFT 1320)
Sandes, William (ABT 1352-ABT 1430)
Sandes, William (ABT 1390-ABT 1460)
Sandes, William (ABT 1480-ABT 1548)
Sandes, William John (ABT 1315-ABT 1380)
Sandys, Anne (21 JAN 1570/71-ABT 1630)
Sandys, Dd, Edwin (1516-10 JUL 1588)
Sarber, Patrick (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sarber, Rosa (ABT 1886-UNKNOWN)
Sarber, Sallie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sarver, Alexander (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Saunders, Sarah A. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Saxe, Augusta of (UNKNOWN-1772)
Saxony, Gaberga of (UNKNOWN-5 MAY 984)
Sayers, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Saylor, Solomon (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Schmidt, Petter (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Schoolcraft, Adam (ABT 1756-UNKNOWN)
Schoolcraft, Anson (ABT 1872-UNKNOWN)
Schoolcraft, Arthur William (30 MAR 1855-1 MAY 1934)
Schoolcraft, Christian (ABT 1729-UNKNOWN)
Schoolcraft, Christopher (ABT 1799-ABT 1888)
Schoolcraft, Edna Alice (27 MAY 1881-6 DEC 1962)
Schoolcraft, Eve (ABT 1877-UNKNOWN)
Schoolcraft, James Jacob (27 JUN 1688-UNKNOWN)
Schoolcraft, Louisa (UNKNOWN-OCT 1901)
Schoolcraft, Owen Walter (29 APR 1857-16 AUG 1944)
Schoolcraft, Silas Theodore (16 AUG 1836-2 MAY 1911)
Schulthess, Marguerite Valyne (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Archibald (UNKNOWN-1785)
Scott, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Frances Dickenson (ABT 1745-8 MAY 1796)
Scott, John (ABT 1759-OCT 1796)
Scott, Lucretia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Margaret J. (7 OCT 1812-9 JAN 1899)
Scott, Nancy Jane (15 DEC 1787-12 SEP 1880)
Scott, Nina Ellen (4 MAR 1908-27 APR 1977)
Scott, Sarah (ABT 1761-12 JUL 1841)
Scott, Walter (ABT 1745-9 AUG 1815)
Scranton, Margaret (ABT 1643-UNKNOWN)
Scranton, Thomas (ABT 1603-UNKNOWN)
Scrivelsby, Alice Dymoke of (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scrivelsby, Sir Lionel of (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scudder, Elizabeth (1649-28 MAR 1706)
Scudder, Henry (ABT 1558-UNKNOWN)
Scudder, John (1619-JUN 1692)
Scudder, John (AFT 1642-AFT 1679)
Scudder, Thomas (ABT 1587-ABT 1657)
Searles, Abagail (ABT 1616-22 FEB 1686/87)
Sears, James (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Seigferth, (WFT Est 985-1001-WFT Est 1008-1087)
Sergeant, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sexton, Beaulah (19 JUN 1886-UNKNOWN)
Sexton, Deborah Lynn (23 NOV 1952-)
Sexton, Edna Earl (5 JAN 1884-UNKNOWN)
Sexton, Garrett (13 SEP 1880-UNKNOWN)
Sexton, John Hamilton (10 FEB 1850-UNKNOWN)
Sexton, Joseph (AUG 1875-1881)
Sexton, Ray B. (20 OCT 1889-UNKNOWN)
Sexton, Roy A. (20 OCT 1889-UNKNOWN)
Sexton, William (16 JAN 1878-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Nancy (UNKNOWN-BEF 1851)
Sharon, Isabella (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Mary (ABT 1665-UNKNOWN)
Shelton, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shelton, Josiah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shelton, Mary Josephine (MAY 1866-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Allan (ABT 1804-BEF 1850)
Shepherd, Andrew (ABT 1785-23 MAY 1856)
Shepherd, Ann (ABT 1737-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Anne (ABT 1759-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Benjamin (ABT 1812-BEF 1830)
Shepherd, Charlotte (ABT 1807-ABT 1868)
Shepherd, Elizabeth Ann (ABT 1790-ABT 1835)
Shepherd, George (ABT 1806-AFT 1885)
Shepherd, Sr, George (7 OCT 1716-10 JAN 1749/50)
Shepherd, Jr, George (ABT 1731-AFT 1776)
Shepherd, George M. (ABT 1822-AFT 1850)
Shepherd, James (ABT 1730-ABT 1805)
Shepherd, James (9 JAN 1713/14-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Jean (15 DEC 1720-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Sr, John James (10 AUG 1734-11 JUN 1810)
Shepherd, Jr, John James (1760-7 MAY 1812)
Shepherd, John S. (ABT 1803-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Larkin (3 JUN 1794-18 FEB 1849)
Shepherd, Lewis W. (15 DEC 1771-15 AUG 1858)
Shepherd, Lewis W. (ABT 1810-AFT 1880)
Shepherd, Lucy (ABT 1764-31 DEC 1816)
Shepherd, Lucy (ABT 1798-BEF 1829)
Shepherd, Mary Polly (ABT 1802-AFT 1880)
Shepherd, Michael (17 MAR 1718/19-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Nancy W. (17 NOV 1765-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Philadelphia Delphia (ABT 1778-AFT 1850)
Shepherd, Pleasant (ABT 1801-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Presley (14 FEB 1799-AFT 1870)
Shepherd, Robert (17 JUN 1739-5 JUN 1817)
Shepherd, Sarah Sallie (21 NOV 1795-)
Shepherd, Sarah Sally (ABT 1780-27 JUL 1856)
Shepherd, Stephen (20 SEP 1769-1 OCT 1825)
Shepherd, Susannah (ABT 1758-13 MAR 1816)
Shepherd, Thomas (27 MAR 1694-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Walter (ABT 1665-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, William Wiley (ABT 1796-UNKNOWN)
Sheppard, Mary Ann Frances (1644-20 MAR 1710/11)
Sheppard, Robert (AUG 1604-1654)
Sherbourne, Elizabeth (ABT 1553-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Adam (10 MAR 1758-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Adam (1700-1774)
Sherrill, Samuel (1639-1719)
Sherrill, Sarah (24 OCT 1746-11 JUL 1826)
Sherrill, William (1670-1799)
Sherrill, William (1 MAY 1723-31 DEC 1786)
Shibba, Elizabeth Amelia (ABT 1750-ABT 1849)
Shields, John F. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shields, Mary R. (21 NOV 1773-ABT 1865)
Shippee, David (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shippee, Martha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, Amanda (ABT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, Ann (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, Elizabeth (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, Elizabeth (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, Epaphroditus (15 DEC 1856-2 AUG 1924)
Shoemaker, James (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, Lewis B. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, Nancy J. (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Shoemaker, Thomas (1814-16 FEB 1873)
Shoemaker, William (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Short, Ann (9 DEC 1734-UNKNOWN)
Short, Vinson (8 JAN 1740/41-UNKNOWN)
Short, William (30 AUG 1732-UNKNOWN)
Shouse, Ida (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Shropshire, Benjamin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Shropshire, Martha Susan (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sibbald, Isobel (UNKNOWN-BEF 21 FEB 1496/97)
Simmeron, Elizabeth (ABT 1825-BEF 1858)
Simmons, Fanny (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Simon, Margaret Fitz (WFT Est 1294-1317-WFT Est 1339-1405)
Simpson, ??? (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Simpson, Alexander Ludon (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Simpson, Avarilla (28 FEB 1766-1 JUN 1857)
Simpson, Reuben (6 OCT 1743-ABT 1830)
Simpson, William (31 MAR 1721-UNKNOWN)
Singleton, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sinward, Earl Of Norfolk And Northumberland (WFT Est 949-1005-WFT Est 987-1082)
Siward, Wife (WFT Est 987-1033-WFT Est 1020-1115)
Skipwith, Sr., Henry (ABT 1589-UNKNOWN)
Skipwith, Esquire, John (ABT 1357-15 JUL 1415)
Skipwith, Sir, John (ABT 1441-UNKNOWN)
Skipwith, Lady Diana (ABT 1625-31 JUL 1695)
Skipwith, Sir Thomas (ABT 1380-30 NOV 1417)
Skipwith, Sir William (14 APR 1415-28 NOV 1482)
Skipwith, Sir William (1336-1395)
Skipwith, Sir William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Skotkonung, Olaf (WFT Est 933-972-994)
Sloman, Mary Frances (1635-ABT 1678)
Slye, William M. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Smallwood, Joseph (ABT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Smiley, George (UNKNOWN-)
Smiley, Henry (UNKNOWN-)
Smiley, Henry (1834-UNKNOWN)
Smiley, Mollie (UNKNOWN-)
Smiley, Olivia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Smiley, Talitha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Ann (11 DEC 1640-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Anna (ABT 1803-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Elizabeth (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Francis M. (ABT 1839-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Henry (ABT 1823-UNKNOWN)
Smith, James M. (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Smith, John (UNKNOWN-BEF 1775)
Smith, John F. (ABT 1887-ABT 1925)
Smith, Linda Darlene (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Malinda (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Margaret (ABT 1740-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Margaret Bates (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Martha J. (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (ABT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary Ann (17 JAN 1825-8 NOV 1891)
Smith, Nancy (ABT 1831-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Robert (ABT 1810-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Sarah (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Tobias (16 MAR 1723/24-1781)
Smith, William (ABT 1807-AFT 1870)
Smitt\Smidt\Smyth, Hans Jurgen Georg (3 NOV 1696-27 DEC 1753)
Smyth, Eliza A. (1836-BEF 1916)
Smyth, Nancy Catherine (12 OCT 1756-14 SEP 1841)
Smythe, Isabella (ABT 1576-AFT 1637)
Snead, Lizzie V. (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Snead, Manerva Jane (AUG 1855-AFT 1900)
Sneed, Martha (ABT 1736-UNKNOWN)
Sneed, Martha E. (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Sneed, Patsy Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Snider, Michael (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Snider, William Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Snoddy, John (ABT 1739-1814)
Snyder, Lula (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Sophia, Charlotte (1744-1818)
Southern, Judah Judy (ABT 1856-AFT 1880)
Spangler, Anna Maria (28 JUL 1775-29 MAR 1845)
Spangler, Charity Ann (17 MAR 1757-29 APR 1855)
Spangler, Elizabeth (13 OCT 1778-31 AUG 1845)
Spangler, George (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Spangler, Jacob S. (ABT 1619-ABT 1664)
Spangler, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Spangler, Peter (ABT 1740-ABT 1833)
Sparkes, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Amanda (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Elizabeth (ABT 1837-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Enoch (ABT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Jr., Enoch (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Spears, John (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Mary (ABT 1786-AFT 1850)
Spears, Nancy (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Samuel (ABT 1831-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Thomas (ABT 1839-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Violet (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Spears, William R. (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Spencer, Elizabeth (1625-ABT 1657)
Spencer, Robert (ABT 1810-AFT 1850)
Spencer, William (1589-5 JUL 1654)
Spengler, Frantz (1517-1565)
Spengler, George (1480-1529)
Spengler, George (ABT 1180-UNKNOWN)
Spengler, George (ABT 1150-1190)
Spengler, George (ABT 1443-ABT 1496)
Spengler, Hans (ABT 1420-UNKNOWN)
Spengler, Hans George (ABT 1594-ABT 1685)
Spengler, Hans Or Urban (UNKNOWN-15 DEC 1527)
Spengler, Hans Rudolph (ABT 1657-AFT 1712)
Spengler, Killian (ABT 1302-UNKNOWN)
Spengler, Killian (ABT 1270-UNKNOWN)
Spengler, Lazarus (ABT 1552-ABT 1618)
Spengler, Lazarus (ABT 1475-UNKNOWN)
Spengler, Peter (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Spengler, Peter (19 MAY 1712-8 MAR 1796)
Spiers, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Spilman, Thomas (1593-ABT 1627)
Spracher, Catherine (ABT 1745-UNKNOWN)
Spracher, Christopher (11 JUN 1738-UNKNOWN)
Spracher, Ester (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Spradling, James (11 APR 1750-5 MAY 1835)
Spradling, Mary (ABT 1784-28 OCT 1855)
Spraker, Johann Christopher (ABT 1710-UNKNOWN)
Spray, Jennie Hodson (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Springall, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Spurgeon, Samuel (UNKNOWN-BEF 1850)
St. Arnolph, (UNKNOWN-641)
St. Leger, Mary (ABT 1360-UNKNOWN)
St. Leger, Ralph (ABT 1298-ABT 1377)
St. Leger, Thomas (ABT 1330-ABT 1408)
St. Liz, Maud De (BET 1071 AND 1110-BET 1105 AND 1194)
Stacy, George (UNKNOWN-1818)
Stacy, Mary (1817-UNKNOWN)
Stafford, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stalcop, Maria (15 MAR 1696/97-19 NOV 1750)
Stalcop, Peter (24 JAN 1656/57-10 MAY 1710)
Stalcup, John (ABT 1692-UNKNOWN)
Stallard, Dulcena (1781-1842)
Stallard, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stallcop, John Anderson (ABT 1627-UNKNOWN)
Stamford, Elizabeth (ABT 1475-UNKNOWN)
Stamford, John (ABT 1440-UNKNOWN)
Stapleton, Annis (FEB 1856-UNKNOWN)
Starnes, Malinda (1820-AFT 1870)
Staton, Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stedham, Adam (ABT 1660-21 JAN 1694/95)
Stedham, Adam (29 SEP 1719-1790)
Stedham, Christopher (26 SEP 1687-1755)
Stedham, Timen (ABT 1610-1686)
Stepp, Johnnie (1818-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Alice (ABT 1485-28 JUL 1541)
Stevens, Margaret (1812-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Anna Polly (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Benjamin (1745-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, David (ABT 1729-1807)
Stewart, David (1689-FEB 1717/18)
Stewart, David (ABT 1761-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, David (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Hannah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Isaiah (ABT 1738-1800)
Stewart, James (28 FEB 1790-12 SEP 1837)
Stewart, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Jemima (1799-18 JUL 1860)
Stewart, John (1692-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, John (1660-1 SEP 1704)
Stewart, John J. (1735-1802)
Stewart, Joseph (1740-1823)
Stewart, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Judith (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Samuel (1688-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Samuel (1709-4 AUG 1770)
Stewart, Samuel (ABT 1733-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, William (ABT 1763-11 SEP 1850)
Stewart, William H. (UNKNOWN-ABT 1840)
Stidham, Ambros (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stidham, Judith Juda (1770-ABT 1845)
Stidham, Sarah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stillwell, Rebecca Stillwater (ABT 1634-UNKNOWN)
Stodgill, Ambrose (ABT 1730-1803)
Stodgill, Ambrose (ABT 1750-AFT 1790)
Stodgill, Daniel (ABT 1705-ABT 1769)
Stodgill, Francis (ABT 1755-DEC 1807)
Stodgill, James (ABT 1725-1803)
Stodgill, James (ABT 1695-1753)
Stodgill, James (ABT 1660-UNKNOWN)
Stodgill, Joel (ABT 1746-1795)
Stodgill, John (ABT 1740-ABT 1800)
Stodgill, John (ABT 1710-16 MAY 1773)
Stodgill, John (ABT 1625-ABT 1705)
Stodgill, John Daniel (ABT 1665-ABT 1725)
Stodgill, Mary (ABT 1745-UNKNOWN)
Stodgill, Susannah (ABT 1700-AFT 1776)
Stone, Ida (ABT 1883-AFT 1930)
Stone, Mary (1650-UNKNOWN)
Stone, Sarah (ABT 1710-UNKNOWN)
Stone, William (1603-21 DEC 1660)
Storrada, Sigrid (Sigrith) (WFT Est 940-975-WFT Est 973-1060)
Stouder, Mrs. L. W. Palmer (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stout, Jonathan A. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Strong, Narcissus (4 MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)
Strong, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Strother, Sarah (11 DEC 1760-13 DEC 1822)
Strother, William Dabney (30 APR 1726-5 NOV 1808)
Stuart, Elizabeth (1596-1662)
Stuart, I, King James (1566-1625)
Stuart, Lord Henry Darnley (1545-1567)
Stuart, Princess of Scotland, Mary (ABT 1380-1458)
Stuart, Earl of Lennox, Matthew (1516-1571)
Stubblefield, Anderson J. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Noah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Pauline (UNKNOWN-)
Sturgell, James (ABT 1802-AFT 1870)
Sturgell, Mary Ann (ABT 1829-AFT 1870)
Sturgill, Alvin (1800-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Benjamin (ABT 1827-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Daniel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Docia (ABT 1765-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Elizabeth (ABT 1735-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Elizabeth (ABT 1833-7 JUN 1876)
Sturgill, Elizabeth (ABT 1796-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Fielding (ABT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Frank (ABT 1828-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Harriett (ABT 1823-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Jr, James (1761-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Jane Jennie (ABT 1865-AFT 1910)
Sturgill, Joel (ABT 1823-AFT 1870)
Sturgill, John (ABT 1811-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, John (ABT 1763-AFT 1830)
Sturgill, John (1787-ABT 1864)
Sturgill, Joseph (ABT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Lewis (ABT 1763-ABT 1833)
Sturgill, Lewis (ABT 1816-ABT 1867)
Sturgill, Mallie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Margaret (ABT 1816-ABT 1867)
Sturgill, Mary (ABT 1793-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Minerva (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Nimrod (ABT 1785-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Peyton (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Phoebe (ABT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Rose Anna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Ruth (9 JAN 1758-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Samuel (ABT 1826-ABT 1886)
Sturgill, Samuel (1794-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Sarah (ABT 1820-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, Stella (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgill, William (1805-ABT 1864)
Sulliard, Johanna (ABT 1132-UNKNOWN)
Sunno, (UNKNOWN-213)
Surgener, Mariah Maria (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Sutton, Abagail (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sutton, John (ABT 1610-1 JUN 1672)
Sutton, Margaret (ABT 1634-UNKNOWN)
Sutton, Margaret Jane (12 AUG 1788-15 AUG 1854)
Swarts, Henry (ABT 1790-UNKNOWN)
Swarts, Jacob (ABT 1791-UNKNOWN)
Swarts, James (ABT 1801-UNKNOWN)
Swarts, John (ABT 1753-ABT 1819)
Swarts, Lewis (1 MAR 1800-9 OCT 1854)
Swartz, Christian H. (ABT 1824-UNKNOWN)
Swartz, Hattie A. (13 JUN 1844-UNKNOWN)
Swartz, Jacob (ABT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Swartz, James A. (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Swartz, John (ABT 1797-AFT 1850)
Swartz, John H. (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Swartz, John W. (ABT 1827-17 JUN 1854)
Swartz, Lewis F. (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Swartz, Mary (ABT 1799-UNKNOWN)
Swartz, Samuel B. (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Swats, Elizabeth Glover (15 JAN 1883-AFT 1918)
Swats, Ida M. (ABT 1871-AFT 1910)
Swats, James A. (ABT 1881-AFT 1910)
Swats, Luther Denny (APR 1876-AFT 1918)
Swats, Margaret (20 FEB 1803-10 JUN 1884)
Swats, Tunis Quick (ABT 1831-AFT 1900)
Swatts, Elizabeth (ABT 1798-UNKNOWN)
Swatz, Conrad (ABT 1787-AFT 1850)
Swatz, George (JAN 1792-28 MAR 1864)
Swink, Henry (1758-1825)
Swink, Peter (19 JUN 1790-5 MAY 1854)
Swinnerton, Alice (ABT 1240-UNKNOWN)
Swinnerton, Helena (ABT 1457-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Beecher Cambell (12 JUL 1904-28 JAN 1958)
Sword, Billey (5 MAY 1933-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Callie Isabella (8 DEC 1893-JUN 1979)
Sword, Eli (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Elizabeth (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Ellie (ABT 1882-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Emma Jane (ABT 1874-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Ernest (24 MAY 1942-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Etta (ABT 1895-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Frances (ABT 1845-AFT 1910)
Sword, Frances Ann (JUN 1872-AFT 1930)
Sword, Fred Campbell (1915-1957)
Sword, Garnett (16 MAY 1931-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Hattie (ABT 1897-AFT 1930)
Sword, Henry (ABT 1787-BEF 1 FEB 1841)
Sword, Henry (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Henry (UNKNOWN-ABT 1776)
Sword, Henry Washington (23 MAR 1880-13 OCT 1923)
Sword, James M. (13 MAY 1855-AFT 1930)
Sword, Jane (ABT 1862-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Jeremiah (ABT 1809-AFT 1840)
Sword, John (ABT 1875-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Joseph (31 MAY 1940-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Joseph M. (ABT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Luther Glenford (24 JUL 1919-31 JAN 1923)
Sword, Margaret (15 JUN 1858-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Mary (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Mary Polly (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Jr, Michael (ABT 1848-AFT 1910)
Sword, Michael (4 SEP 1756-7 APR 1846)
Sword, Sr., Michael (ABT 1812-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Nancy (25 OCT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Nathanial (7 DEC 1853-AFT 1930)
Sword, Newlyn (1 NOV 1937-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Philip (MAR 1768-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Richard (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Robert (21 NOV 1946-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Ronnie (5 AUG 1944-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Samuel L. (ABT 1866-AFT 1930)
Sword, Sarah (ABT 1772-13 SEP 1832)
Sword, Susan (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Susan Price (UNKNOWN-)
Sword, Susannah (20 SEP 1810-AFT 1850)
Sword, Virginia Nancy Phoebe (ABT 1785-UNKNOWN)
Sword, William L. (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Sword, William M. (ABT 1871-16 JAN 1936)


"How can a tangled web that appears so open be so impregnable as when we try to pierce it when we delve into genealogy!"
-Jerry A. Penley-

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