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Family Tree Names

Linn, Hugh (ABT 1705-ABT 1785)
Linn, Robert (ABT 1730-ABT 1801)
Liston, Alice (ABT 1245-UNKNOWN)
Liston, William (ABT 1215-UNKNOWN)
Little, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Llewellyn, Helen (BET 1151 AND 1209-BET 1185 AND 1288)
Locke, Elizabeth (ABT 1853-ABT 1913)
Lombard, Martha (19 SEP 1640-UNKNOWN)
Long, Margaret (25 OCT 1769-UNKNOWN)
Loraine, Charles Of (953-994)
Loraine, Ermengarde Of (WFT Est 814-833-WFT Est 851-921)
Lörch, Johannes (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lorraine, Alberade Of (WFT Est 921-940-WFT Est 953-1031)
Lorraine, Princess Gerberga Of (975-AFT 1017)
Lothair, I, (795-29 SEP 855)
Louis, II, King of France, (844-10 APR 879)
Louis, IV, King of France, (919-10 SEP 954)
Louis, II, King Of France, (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Louis, I, Roman Emperor, (778-20 JUN 840)
Louis, Victoria Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lovelace, Anne (1610-1652)
Lovelace, John (ABT 1330-UNKNOWN)
Lovelace, John (ABT 1300-UNKNOWN)
Lovelace, John (ABT 1350-ABT 1417)
Lovelace, Richard (ABT 1393-ABT 1466)
Lovelace, Sergeant William (ABT 1530-23 MAR 1576/77)
Lovelace, II, Sir William (ABT 1583-12 AUG 1627)
Lovelace, Sir William (30 SEP 1561-12 OCT 1628)
Lovelace, William (ABT 1480-ABT 1541)
Lovelace, William (ABT 1435-24 JUL 1495)
Lowe, Charles Hagan (18 JUL 1880-12 FEB 1962)
Lowe, Stella (1 MAY 1898-12 DEC 1955)
Lowe, William Lawrence (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lowe, William T. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lower, Margarette (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lowers, Elizabeth Mary (ABT 1591-NOV 1665)
Lowers, John (ABT 1561-UNKNOWN)
Lyle, Catherine (ABT 1440-ABT 1498)
Lyle, Lord, Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
MacDonald, Alexander (ABT 1612-12 FEB 1691/92)
MacDonald, Anabel (ABT 1693-AFT 1797)
MacDonald, Richard (ABT 1691-ABT 1730)
MacDonnell, Bryan (ABT 1645-23 FEB 1706/07)
MacDonnell, James (ABT 1682-UNKNOWN)
MacDonnell, John (ABT 1679-ABT 1707)
MacDonnell, Mary (ABT 1684-UNKNOWN)
MacDonnell, William (ABT 1680-UNKNOWN)
Macdonnell, Brian (ABT 1595-UNKNOWN)
Macdonnell, Calvagh Calla (ABT 1524-JUN 1570)
Macdonnell, Eoin Carrach (ABT 1474-UNKNOWN)
Macdonnell, Hugh Buidhe (ABT 1546-13 AUG 1618)
Macdonnell, Tirlough (ABT 1500-UNKNOWN)
Macknew, I, Jeremiah (ABT 1640-ABT 1700)
Macock, Sarah (16 MAR 1621/22-1653)
Madden, George (13 FEB 1845-10 FEB 1908)
Madison, Ambrose (ABT 1690-24 AUG 1732)
Madison, Ann (ABT 1675-AFT 1710)
Madison, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Madison, Francis (ABT 1732-UNKNOWN)
Madison, Henry (ABT 1700-ABT 1734)
Madison, Isaac (ABT 1590-UNKNOWN)
Madison, James (27 MAR 1723-27 FEB 1801)
Madison, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Madison, John (ABT 1698-UNKNOWN)
Madison, John (ABT 1625-BEF 1683)
Madison, John (ABT 1650-UNKNOWN)
Madison, President James (16 MAR 1750/51-28 JUN 1836)
Madison, Roger (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Madison, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Magill, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Magill, Rebecca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Magnus, Hugh (895-16 JUN 956)
Magnus, Prince Hugh (UNKNOWN-1101)
Mahanna, Catherine Clarissa (ABT 1807-UNKNOWN)
Major, Octavia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mallory, Anketil (ABT 1340-UNKNOWN)
Mallory, Margaret (ABT 1400-UNKNOWN)
Mallory, William (ABT 1753-UNKNOWN)
Mallory, William (ABT 1382-ABT 1445)
Mandley, Sarah (16 APR 1728-27 NOV 1805)
Mandley, William (UNKNOWN-25 NOV 1755)
Mangee, Jan (ABT 1596-UNKNOWN)
Manjie, Judith Jans (UNKNOWN-1655)
Mann, ??? (ABT 1840-ABT 1900)
Mann, Jr., Calvin Jessee (UNKNOWN-)
Mann, Esther (1876-1939)
Mann, Jessee (ABT 1872-ABT 1932)
Mann, Jr., Jessee (UNKNOWN-)
Mann, Joseph (24 APR 1888-7 APR 1952)
Mann, Margurite (UNKNOWN-)
Mansfield, Mary (12 DEC 1726-UNKNOWN)
Mansfield, William (ABT 1702-UNKNOWN)
Mansfield, Jr, William (11 FEB 1727/28-UNKNOWN)
Marcomir, IV, (UNKNOWN-149)
Marius, (UNKNOWN-125)
Markgrave, Anchises (UNKNOWN-685)
Marlow, Edward (ABT 1660-ABT 1700)
Marlow, Sarah (ABT 1685-MAR 1727/28)
Marlow, William (ABT 1640-UNKNOWN)
Marlowe, Rebecca (ABT 1595-UNKNOWN)
Marr, William Erskine (ABT 1705-UNKNOWN)
Marrs, Flora (ABT DEC 1883-UNKNOWN)
Marrs, James E. (ABT 1877-UNKNOWN)
Marrs, Phyllis (20 SEP 1763-12 JAN 1855)
Marrs, Raleigh Rolly W. (23 JAN 1855-AFT 1900)
Marrs, Rosa M. (28 FEB 1885-18 MAR 1885)
Marrs, Samuel (1 DEC 1740-27 DEC 1817)
Marrs, William Patton (14 DEC 1879-26 APR 1957)
Marshall, Rebecca Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Marshall, Violet (UNKNOWN-AFT 1810)
Martel, Charles (690-741)
Martin, Desire (20 MAR 1683/84-12 SEP 1727)
Martin, John (JUN 1658-28 AUG 1720)
Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587)
Mash, Sarah (ABT 1855-ABT 1940)
Mason, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Margaret (UNKNOWN-ABT 1664)
Mason, Thomas Jefferson (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mathews, Jane (1714-UNKNOWN)
Matilda, (ABT 1210-UNKNOWN)
Matilda, (ABT 1070-UNKNOWN)
Matilda, Maude Or (UNKNOWN-ABT 1118)
Matteson, Elizabeth (ABT 1699-UNKNOWN)
Matteson, Thomas (ABT 1672-19 JAN 1739/40)
Maud, (ABT 1104-9 NOV 1167)
Maynard, Elijah (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Maynard, Martin Wesley (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mayo, Susan Charlotte (22 JUL 1819-UNKNOWN)
Mayo, Valentine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McClain, Flora Ethyl (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McClellan, Abraham (ABT 1776-18 SEP 1851)
McClellan, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Benjamin (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Jacob H. (19 DEC 1853-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, James W. (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Jane E. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Joannah (19 OCT 1854-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, John C. (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Lycenias (ABT 1859-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Mary E. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Phillip Curry (ABT 1851-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Robert Wallace (10 MAR 1821-24 JUL 1884)
McClelland, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McClung, Nancy (ABT 1729-MAY 1789)
McCray, Adah (MAY 1883-UNKNOWN)
McCray, Anny Belle (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McCray, Carl Rufus (11 JAN 1899-31 OCT 1981)
McCray, Charles W. (APR 1875-30 JAN 1933)
McCroskey, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McCroskey, Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McCullough, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McDavid, Sarah Sally (ABT 1815-BEF 1880)
McDonald, Col., Bryan (NOV 1686-21 MAY 1757)
McDonald, Bryan (8 JUL 1732-19 JAN 1777)
McDonald, Catherine (ABT 1727-UNKNOWN)
McDonald, Edward (1761-1835)
McDonald, Edward (4 MAR 1719/20-JUN 1760)
McDonald, George (26 SEP 1767-5 JAN 1815)
McDonald, James (ABT 1718-AFT 1757)
McDonald, James (18 JAN 1753-AUG 1777)
McDonald, Jane (16 SEP 1772-4 MAR 1847)
McDonald, Joseph (4 APR 1722-1809)
McDonald, Mahala (ABT 1805-UNKNOWN)
McDonald, Margaret (ABT 1864-BEF 1930)
McDonald, Mary (19 JAN 1729/30-AFT 1809)
McDonald, Mary (30 OCT 1758-2 JAN 1815)
McDonald, Priscilla (ABT 1734-UNKNOWN)
McDonald, Rebecca (13 APR 1724-1795)
McDonald, Richard (11 MAR 1764-)
McDonald, Richard (ABT 1716-AFT 1757)
McDonald, Susan (3 NOV 1765-7 FEB 1822)
McDonald, Thomas (17 MAR 1755-MAR 1777)
McDonald, William (24 SEP 1756-13 DEC 1833)
McGinnis, George L. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McIntyre, Margaret Rankin (ABT 1770-24 AUG 1846)
McKinney, Margaret (ABT 1690-UNKNOWN)
McKinstry, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McKnight, Jane (ABT 1650-UNKNOWN)
McMahan, Margaret (UNKNOWN-ABT 1774)
McNew, Alexander Clark (APR 1866-UNKNOWN)
McNew, Alexander Eakin (ABT 1828-13 DEC 1903)
McNew, Amanda J. (ABT 1825-1897)
McNew, Anne (8 NOV 1711-AFT NOV 1774)
McNew, Benjamin Gregory (11 MAR 1856-20 JAN 1916)
McNew, Cate (ABT 1850-1871)
McNew, Catherine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McNew, Catherine Sutton (ABT 1814-15 AUG 1854)
McNew, Edward Marley (14 AUG 1713-UNKNOWN)
McNew, II, Elisha (13 SEP 1788-26 AUG 1854)
McNew, III, Elisha (ABT 1827-ABT 1897)
McNew, Elisha (ABT 1750-BEF 17 JAN 1804)
McNew, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McNew, Elizabeth (ABT 1859-ABT 1860)
McNew, George (ABT 1792-1 OCT 1828)
McNew, George (23 NOV 1829-1 AUG 1854)
McNew, George Eakin (21 DEC 1853-ABT 1928)
McNew, George Washington Hopkins (10 AUG 1858-17 DEC 1930)
McNew, II, Jeremiah (ABT 1680-JAN 1715/16)
McNew, Joanah C. (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
McNew, John Howard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McNew, John Trigg (4 MAR 1814-10 AUG 1873)
McNew, Lucinda (ABT 1826-UNKNOWN)
McNew, Lutisha D. (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
McNew, Margaret E. (ABT 1860-ABT 1893)
McNew, Mary (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
McNew, Mary Jane (UNKNOWN-BEF 1859)
McNew, Mary Lucy (8 FEB 1708/09-ABT 1762)
McNew, Naoma E. (22 APR 1872-1 JUN 1928)
McNew, William (14 AUG 1715-DEC 1791)
McNew, William J. (1786-UNKNOWN)
McNew, William K. (ABT 1863-UNKNOWN)
McNew, William Wheeler (ABT 1822-12 NOV 1882)
McPheeters, Sr, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McPheeters, Jr, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mcknight, John (1627-UNKNOWN)
Meade, Peggy Margaret (1 MAY 1826-UNKNOWN)
Meade, Robert (ABT 1796-UNKNOWN)
Meeres, Elizabeth (ABT 1622-ABT 1674)
Mercer, Olivie (ABT 1790-UNKNOWN)
Mercer, Phebe (MAR 1796-11 MAR 1868)
Merian, Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Metcalf, John C. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Metham, Elizabeth (ABT 1340-UNKNOWN)
Metham, Sir Thomas (ABT 1300-UNKNOWN)
Meyne, Elizabeth (ABT 1446-UNKNOWN)
Middlesworth, Anna (30 OCT 1726-UNKNOWN)
Mieszko, (WFT Est 965-994-WFT Est 1019-1079)
Might, Alice (1526-1576)
Miles, Saluda (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Milhous, Franklin (4 NOV 1848-2 FEB 1919)
Milhous, Hannah (7 MAR 1885-30 SEP 1967)
Milhous, Joshua Vickers (31 DEC 1820-15 APR 1893)
Miller, Carol Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Elizabeth (ABT 1715-UNKNOWN)
Mills, Elizabeth (1645-1715)
Millwood, Mary Milward (ABT 1639-ABT 1708)
Minnick, Anna Catherina (ABT 1722-ABT 1766)
Minnick, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Minor, Antonia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mitchell, Denise (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mitchell, Maxie Duff (ABT 1907-24 MAR 1982)
Mitchell, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mitchum, A. M. (1857-1925)
Mitchum, Eunice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Moder, Hannah Mutter (12 SEP 1768-18 JAN 1794)
Moder, Johan George (16 DEC 1729-16 OCT 1787)
Molenbaar, Jenneke Adrians (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Monk, Alice (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Montgomerie, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-1671)
Montgomery, ??? (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, ??? (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Alexander (16 MAY 1786-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Alexander (1740-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Alexander (1 FEB 1762-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Anna (1 JAN 1789-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Elizabeth (22 APR 1813-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Eugenia Louise (UNKNOWN-)
Montgomery, James (ABT 1775-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Jane (6 MAY 1800-6 NOV 1841)
Montgomery, John (4 AUG 1764-1845)
Montgomery, Jr, John (2 FEB 1793-ABT 1860)
Montgomery, Joseph (28 SEP 1795-1803)
Montgomery, Margaret (4 OCT 1802-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Martha (1 JAN 1798-ABT 1858)
Montgomery, Michael (1765-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Samuel (16 FEB 1791-1822)
Montgomery, Sarah (20 SEP 1812-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Susanna (27 SEP 1814-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, William (13 FEB 1805-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, William (10 DEC 1779-21 OCT 1856)
Moore, Abner (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Armin (ABT 1834-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Ava L. (MAR 1891-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Berry Walker (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Decosmos (ABT 1879-BEF 1900)
Moore, Delphy Delfrey (ABT 1838-AFT 1860)
Moore, Early Wesley (9 MAR 1892-1 FEB 1974)
Moore, James (1711-1791)
Moore, James (ABT 1772-SEP 1851)
Moore, II, James (ABT 1740-14 JUL 1786)
Moore, James Rutherford (ABT 1801-26 JUN 1879)
Moore, James S. (ABT 1844-UNKNOWN)
Moore, John (ABT 1804-UNKNOWN)
Moore, John Shannon (25 JUL 1814-)
Moore, Laura C. (JAN 1882-AFT 1930)
Moore, Lillian (ABT 1922-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Lourinda Lora A. (15 SEP 1828-24 DEC 1912)
Moore, Lovest Lovis (ABT 1843-AFT 1880)
Moore, Manerva Nervy Jane (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Mary (ABT 1548-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Mary A. Polly (1830-AFT 1870)
Moore, Mary E. (1801-1880)
Moore, Mildred (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Mosco (JUL 1877-AFT 1910)
Moore, Wiley (ABT 1831-UNKNOWN)
Moore, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Moore, William (BEF 1775-UNKNOWN)
Moore, William Jackson (6 MAR 1848-AFT 1930)
Moore, Worley J. (APR 1883-UNKNOWN)
Morelock, Melvina (19 MAR 1881-11 MAR 1958)
Morgan, Elizabeth (1584-1607)
Morin, Eleanor Ella (ABT 1832-AFT 1880)
Morin, Josiah (ABT 1791-AFT 1880)
Morris, Ambrose (ABT 1815-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Ambrose J. B. (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Elizabeth (ABT 1844-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Jacob P. B. (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Morris, James M. (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Lewis F. (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Louisa (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Malinda (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Mary A. (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Nancy (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Morris, William A. T. (ABT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Morrison, Leonard (APR 1878-UNKNOWN)
Morrow, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Morton, Maria (ABT 1695-UNKNOWN)
Mountney, Alexander (UNKNOWN-ABT 1643)
Muchel, Ethelred (WFT Est 845-864-WFT Est 870-949)
Muench, Hans Wendel (3 FEB 1683/84-17 JUL 1732)
Mullins, ??? (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Bessie Lou (1902-30 APR 1936)
Mullins, Christopher (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Cintha (ABT 1837-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Elbank Dallas (JAN 1852-21 MAR 1933)
Mullins, Henderson (ABT 1834-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Henry Lee (AUG 1890-13 AUG 1949)
Mullins, Hillary Milton (6 APR 1892-4 OCT 1973)
Mullins, Hiram Eldridge (1811-AFT 1850)
Mullins, Jacob F. (AUG 1848-AFT 1880)
Mullins, James Cade (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, James M. (ABT 1881-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Lily Alice (31 DEC 1887-APR 1974)
Mullins, Madison (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Manervy Jane (JAN 1831-AFT 1910)
Mullins, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Mary E. (MAR 1865-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Nancy (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Vina Minerva (12 MAY 1894-6 JUN 1979)
Mullins, Wiley (ABT 1839-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Wiley Hillery (26 OCT 1867-28 JUN 1946)
Mulwee, Mary Pleasant (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Murphree, Martin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Murray, of Bothwell, Joanna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Muschett, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Muschett, Mary (1715-AFT 1774)
Musick, Alonzo L. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Musick, Edea Elizabeth (ABT 1860-ABT 1938)
Mutter, Abraham (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mutter, Carrie E. (UNKNOWN-AFT 1994)
Mutter, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Mutters, Eunice (1838-UNKNOWN)
Myles, Jane (ABT 1598-ABT 1633)
Myles, John (ABT 1572-UNKNOWN)
Myles, Mary Ann (1568-1609)
Naline, Ellender (ABT 1730-ABT 1795)
Nalpas, David (ABT 1199-UNKNOWN)
Nalpas, William (ABT 1169-UNKNOWN)
Nash, Ann (ABT 1751-UNKNOWN)
Necessary, Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Necessary, Talitha Jane (ABT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Necessary, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Nethermill, Isabel (ABT 1507-UNKNOWN)
Nethermill, Julius (ABT 1457-ABT 1540)
Nevell, Alice (ABT 1525-UNKNOWN)
Neville, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Newdegate, Joan (ABT 1455-UNKNOWN)
Newell, Abraham (ABT 1584-13 JUN 1672)
Newell, Rebecca (15 JUL 1637-UNKNOWN)
Newsome, Elizabeth (ABT 1673-30 DEC 1716)
Newsome, Robert (1553-1624)
Newsome, William (1647-5 SEP 1691)
Newsome, William (1584-UNKNOWN)
Niday, Rebecca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Nissen, Christian Sibbern (7 MAY 1829-22 MAY 1907)
Nissen, Julia Dorthea (31 AUG 1857-26 NOV 1932)
Nissen, Pai (23 APR 1794-31 MAR 1853)
Nixon, Francis Anthony (3 DEC 1878-4 SEP 1956)
Nixon, POTUS, Richard Milhous (13 JAN 1913-23 APR 1994)
Noirett, Jacqueline (UNKNOWN-ABT 1620)
Noles, Mary Ann Elizabeth May (ABT 1840-AFT 1874)
Nooncaster, Elizabeth (15 JUN 1869-26 NOV 1938)
Noreys, Geoffrey (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Noreys, Geoffrey (1350-UNKNOWN)
Noreys, Geoffrey (ABT 1370-UNKNOWN)
Noreys, Geoffrey (1559-1609)
Noreys, Goeffrey (ABT 1490-UNKNOWN)
Noreys, John (UNKNOWN-1572)
Noreys, Robert (ABT 1460-UNKNOWN)
Normandy, Robert Duke Of (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Norris, Geoffrey Edward (OCT 1639-ABT 1695)
Norris, John (ABT 1684-UNKNOWN)
Norris, Judith (ABT 1712-15 MAY 1765)
Norris, Thomas (1609-NOV 1675)
Norris, William (ABT 1661-UNKNOWN)
Northie, Elizabeth (ABT 1600-ABT 1650)
O'Connor, Florence (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Oakes, Mary (ABT 1720-UNKNOWN)
Oaks, Cora E. (ABT 1890-AFT 1930)
Odo, Count of Orleans (WFT Est 762-805-WFT Est 803-886)
Ogle, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ogle, Susan (6 MAY 1728-19 JAN 1777)
Oliver, Martitia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ordager, (WFT Est 888-934-WFT Est 928-1015)
Orrell, Isabelle (ABT 1688-22 DEC 1722)
Orrell, Thomas (UNKNOWN-BEF MAY 1721)
Osborne, Hannah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, John (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Virginia Jane (1774-ABT 1851)
Oswalt, Charles (17 FEB 1876-8 NOV 1954)
Oswalt, Mildred M. (17 OCT 1897-18 JAN 1968)
Owens, Charles (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Owens, Isaac (1863-UNKNOWN)
Oxenbridge, Daughter of (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Andrew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Carroll Oswalt (12 DEC 1918-12 NOV 1991)
Paavola, David (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Emma (ABT 1894-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Gary Charles (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Gretchin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, James Carroll (UNKNOWN-)
Paavola, Joel David (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Kalle (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Karen Rae (UNKNOWN-1 MAR 2004)
Paavola, Konsbeve (ABT 1864-AFT 1910)
Paavola, Lee Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Marion L. (ABT 1926-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Marjorie (ABT 1921-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Nicole Marie (UNKNOWN-)
Paavola, Nina Lynn (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Onnie Harry (ABT 1892-28 AUG 1936)
Paavola, Pamela Jean (UNKNOWN-)
Paavola, Sarah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Shannon Rae (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Stanley W. (ABT 1929-UNKNOWN)
Paavola, Walter John (17 APR 1899-15 SEP 1983)
Paavola, Wentala (ABT 1897-UNKNOWN)
Pace, Bernice C. (ABT 1915-AFT 1920)
Pace, Chata G. (ABT 1924-AFT 1930)
Pace, Dora (ABT 1914-AFT 1920)
Pace, Elizabeth (3 MAY 1759-ABT 1827)
Pace, Esther (ABT 1920-AFT 1920)
Pace, George (1609-1655)
Pace, James C. (30 SEP 1897-UNKNOWN)
Pace, John (1667-20 JAN 1720/21)
Pace, John (8 APR 1722-20 SEP 1790)
Pace, John W. (ABT 1889-30 JUL 1971)
Pace, Joseph (ABT 1698-18 APR 1765)
Pace, Nancy (UNKNOWN-24 JUN 1862)
Pace, Richard (ABT 1587-ABT 1622)
Pace, Richard (1639-14 FEB 1677/78)
Pace, Robert (ABT 1764-UNKNOWN)
Pace, William Henry (10 OCT 1745-ABT 1815)
Padgett, Frances (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Painter, Eve (ABT 1795-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Amanda (ABT 1827-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Amanda (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Anne (BEF 1777-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Benjamin (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Bettie (ABT 1826-AFT 1860)
Palmer, Cyrus Chestnut (ABT 1829-AFT 1860)
Palmer, Delila (ABT 1834-AFT 1860)
Palmer, Dollie Jane (ABT 1818-AFT 1860)
Palmer, Ellen (ABT 1825-AFT 1860)
Palmer, Ellen Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Emily (ABT 1839-AFT 1860)
Palmer, Halbert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Harriett (ABT 1837-AFT 1860)
Palmer, James (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Joanna (10 MAR 1804-7 AUG 1873)
Palmer, John (ABT 1831-AFT 1860)
Palmer, Martha (BEF 1780-AFT 1797)
Palmer, Mary (BEF 1777-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Matilda (ABT 1828-AFT 1860)
Palmer, Mother (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Robert (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Robert (ABT 1796-AFT 1860)
Palmer, Robert (BEF 1790-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Samuel (ABT 1807-AFT 1850)
Palmer, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, William (BEF 1720-26 MAR 1790)
Palmer, William (BEF 1775-10 JAN 1832)
Pappas, Georgia (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Pappas, John (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Pappas, Peter John (7 SEP 1876-UNKNOWN)
Parson, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Parson, Margaret (1640-1700)
Parson, Mary Francis (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Parsons, Martha E. (25 DEC 1877-8 JUN 1965)
Parsons, Mary (UNKNOWN-ABT 1844)
Parsons, Mary J. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Parsons, Richard (ABT 1758-ABT 1817)
Parsons, Rufus Gordon (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Parsons, Shirley Nell (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Patia, Princess
Patrick, Elizabeth (ABT 1150-UNKNOWN)
Patrick, Sarah (ABT 1914-AFT 1930)
Patrick, William (ABT 1122-UNKNOWN)
Patrick, William (ABT 1229-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, Elijah (ABT 1709-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, Jane (1720-10 JAN 1800)
Patterson, John (6 SEP 1735-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, Rebecca (26 APR 1763-11 JAN 1803)
Patton, R. Scott (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Patton, Virginia C. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Paul, Margaret (1767-AUG 1819)
Payn, Ilbert (ABT 1022-UNKNOWN)
Payne, Alison Henry (ABT 1862-AFT 1880)
Payne, Henry Keppler (5 MAY 1831-2 JUL 1863)
Payne, John (ABT 1615-1690)
Payne, John W. (ABT 1856-AFT 1880)
Payne, Kate Amelia C. (ABT 1859-AFT 1880)
Payne, Malinda (MAR 1811-1905)
Payne, Mary (23 FEB 1754-31 OCT 1826)
Payne, Mary Mollie H. (ABT 1858-AFT 1880)
Payne, William (BEF 1652-FEB 1697/98)
Payne, III, William (31 JUL 1724-12 JUL 1782)
Payne, II, William (10 AUG 1692-24 AUG 1776)
Paynel, Fulk (ABT 1070-UNKNOWN)
Paynel, William (ABT 1040-UNKNOWN)
Paynell, Hawise (ABT 1130-UNKNOWN)
Paynell, Ralph (ABT 1100-UNKNOWN)
Pearsall, Mary (ABT 1643-UNKNOWN)
Pearsall, Nicholas (ABT 1619-10 MAR 1688/89)
Pearsall, Pershall Edmund (ABT 1531-ABT 1629)
Pearsall, Thomas (ABT 1586-UNKNOWN)
Peckham, James Reynold (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Peckham, Laura (ABT 1436-UNKNOWN)
Peery, Andrew Thomas (9 NOV 1806-1 OCT 1879)
Peery, Elizabeth (12 FEB 1811-4 DEC 1837)
Peery, Harvey George (ABT 1811-UNKNOWN)
Peery, Malinda (ABT 1810-UNKNOWN)
Peery, Margaret Mary (ABT 1802-UNKNOWN)
Peery, Matilda (ABT 1804-UNKNOWN)
Peery, Nancy (5 MAR 1835-27 APR 1920)
Peery, Thomas (1786-1872)
Peery, Thomas (ABT 1749-ABT JUN 1820)
Peery, Thomas (ABT 1715-ABT 1762)
Peery, William Dennies (7 MAR 1785-20 SEP 1866)
Peery, William Williams (ABT 1812-UNKNOWN)
Pelsor, Indiana (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pemberton, Sarah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pence, Lucy Taylor (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pendleton, Benjamin (3 AUG 1751-1833)
Pendleton, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pendleton, James A. (1770-MAY 1848)
Pendleton, James F. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pendleton, John L. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pendleton, John L. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Alba Abby A. (15 MAR 1878-2 JUL 1955)
Penley, Albert (ABT 1922-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Alfred Monroe (14 JUN 1875-2 JUN 1952)
Penley, Alice (7 MAR 1732/33-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Alley C. (OCT 1881-AFT 1900)
Penley, Alvin (ABT 1930-AFT 1930)
Penley, Aly (18 MAY 1825-ABT 1862)
Penley, Amanda (ABT 1899-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Amma L. (ABT 1922-AFT 1930)
Penley, Amy Lou (1903-1976)
Penley, Andrew (ABT 1837-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Andrew Jackson (15 APR 1876-17 JUL 1960)
Penley, Angeline (1834-19 AUG 1852)
Penley, Ann (1824-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Ann Elizabeth (25 JAN 1925-2002)
Penley, Anna Lee (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Anne M. (1880-1947)
Penley, Annie E. (ABT 1876-AFT 1880)
Penley, Austin Chase (22 MAY 1995-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Barbara (SEP 1882-8 JAN 1883)
Penley, Bert (ABT 1911-AFT 1920)
Penley, Besley (ABT 1916-AFT 1920)
Penley, Bessie (ABT 1921-AFT 1930)
Penley, Bessie M. (ABT 1917-AFT 1920)
Penley, Betty Gay (7 AUG 1931-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Betty Jo (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Brenda Karen (27 JUN 1950-)
Penley, Bruce (ABT 1881-AFT 1900)
Penley, Bruce R. (ABT 1901-AFT 1930)
Penley, Buena E. (ABT 1898-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Buford Lindbergh (29 SEP 1929-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Burlie (ABT 1914-AFT 1930)
Penley, Captola Eugena (ABT 1920-1 JUL 2004)
Penley, Carl Eugene (22 APR 1915-22 NOV 1968)
Penley, Carrie Annette (UNKNOWN-)
Penley, Carson (ABT 1921-AFT 1930)
Penley, Chaney (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Charlena (11 JAN 1934-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Charles (ABT 1908-AFT 1920)
Penley, Charles E. (ABT 1920-AFT 1920)
Penley, Charles Eugene (14 JUN 1946-)
Penley, Charles Hubert (14 SEP 1920-26 OCT 1942)
Penley, Charles M. (1857-BEF 1900)
Penley, Charles Washington (8 DEC 1877-25 JUL 1955)
Penley, Charles Weatherly (31 MAR 1889-FEB 1976)
Penley, Charlie H. (ABT 1918-AFT 1920)
Penley, Clara Imogene (13 FEB 1943-12 MAR 1943)
Penley, Clara Iva (18 AUG 1896-11 MAY 1929)
Penley, Clarence E. (ABT 1912-AFT 1930)
Penley, Clemintine Iva (UNKNOWN-)
Penley, Clifford (ABT 1922-AFT 1930)
Penley, Clive (ABT 1908-AFT 1930)
Penley, Cora Lee (5 JAN 1884-15 OCT 1885)
Penley, Cora Margaret (19 MAY 1885-28 MAR 1947)
Penley, Cordelia V. (10 OCT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Coy L. (ABT 1924-AFT 1930)
Penley, Creaty (UNKNOWN-)
Penley, Dailey (ABT 1911-AFT 1930)
Penley, Daniel Joseph (23 DEC 1879-3 APR 1946)
Penley, Darvin Manford (23 FEB 1936-UNKNOWN)
Penley, David Elmer (UNKNOWN-)
Penley, David Martin (MAY 1886-AFT 1960)
Penley, Deborah Lynn
Penley, Delia (JUL 1899-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Deloss (ABT 1920-AFT 1930)
Penley, Dessie (ABT 1908-AFT 1920)
Penley, Donna Gail (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Dora Mae (17 SEP 1895-MAR 1979)
Penley, Dora Mae (6 APR 1908-JUL 1980)
Penley, Dorothy (ABT 1647-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Dorothy Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Doshia Ethel (ABT 1898-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Edna (DEC 1900-1946)
Penley, Elbert E. (ABT 1878-AFT 1930)
Penley, Eleanor (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Eleanor Berilla (27 NOV 1873-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Eliza (27 JUN 1852-24 JAN 1927)
Penley, Eliza Ethel (10 NOV 1916-29 APR 1991)
Penley, Elizabeth (22 OCT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Elizabeth (26 MAR 1860-8 AUG 1864)
Penley, Elizabeth (ABT 1698-12 NOV 1785)
Penley, Ella (9 JUN 1913-AFT 1920)
Penley, Ellen (ABT 1926-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Ellie (ABT 1927-AFT 1930)
Penley, Elmer (ABT 1913-AFT 1920)
Penley, Elsie B. (ABT 1894-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Elsie J. (19 JUL 1906-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Enoch E. (ABT 1901-AFT 1930)
Penley, Enoch Jackson (14 FEB 1850-24 JAN 1920)
Penley, Epaphroditus "Epp" (ABT 1784-19 MAR 1868)
Penley, Ernest (ABT 1904-AFT 1920)
Penley, Essie (ABT 1910-AFT 1920)
Penley, Ethel (ABT 1913-AFT 1930)
Penley, Eugene (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Eva M. (1881-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Fannie (DEC 1898-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Farley McDonald (JAN 1884-BEF FEB 1945)
Penley, Flora A. (ABT 1880-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Flora E. (16 DEC 1885-10 OCT 1967)
Penley, Florene (ABT 1922-AFT 1930)
Penley, Floyd (ABT 1903-AFT 1930)
Penley, Francis Marion (6 JAN 1892-17 APR 1977)
Penley, Frankie (ABT 1911-AFT 1920)
Penley, Garland (ABT 1918-AFT 1930)
Penley, George (ABT 1910-AFT 1920)
Penley, George P. (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Penley, George W. (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Gerald (ABT 1916-AFT 1930)
Penley, Gladis Anna (ABT 1910-AFT 1930)
Penley, Glen Allen (UNKNOWN-)
Penley, Glen Early (1 OCT 1922-30 AUG 1989)
Penley, Glen Francis (29 APR 1914-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Grant (ABT 1920-AFT 1930)
Penley, Grover Cleveland (ABT 1887-AFT 1920)
Penley, Harley (ABT 1912-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Harry G. (1922-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Harvey J. (DEC 1882-AFT 1900)
Penley, Hattie (ABT 1911-AFT 1920)
Penley, Hattie (ABT 1915-AFT 1920)
Penley, Hazel Irene (1913-AFT 1960)
Penley, Helen (11 AUG 1925-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Helen (ABT 1917-AFT 1930)
Penley, Helen R. (ABT 1929-AFT 1930)
Penley, Henry (ABT 1906-AFT 1920)
Penley, Henry C. (1874-11 JAN 1885)
Penley, Hershal (ABT 1922-AFT 1930)
Penley, Hettie (ABT 1900-AFT 1930)
Penley, Hiram (1816-1 JAN 1878)
Penley, Hiram Thomas (1894-6 JUN 1927)
Penley, Howard (ABT 1917-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Howard Lee (15 MAY 1950-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Howard R. (ABT 1927-AFT 1930)
Penley, Ira (1818-7 JUL 1872)
Penley, Ira A. (ABT 1874-AFT 1880)
Penley, Ira Andrew (15 NOV 1885-6 OCT 1970)
Penley, Ira Ingle (14 MAY 1860-28 FEB 1910)
Penley, Ira T. (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Isaac Hayden (OCT 1890-10 AUG 1891)
Penley, Isaac Newton (1858-ABT 1932)
Penley, Isabella (11 AUG 1859-30 JUN 1936)
Penley, James (1857-UNKNOWN)
Penley, James Alexander (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, James Anthony (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, James E. (ABT 1928-AFT 1930)
Penley, James Elmer (7 SEP 1918-15 MAY 1998)
Penley, James English (28 MAR 1857-1918)
Penley, James Harvey (23 OCT 1892-3 JUL 1978)
Penley, James J. (ABT 1868-23 AUG 1889)
Penley, James L. (ABT 1912-AFT 1930)
Penley, James Melvin (29 JUL 1870-1945)
Penley, James Monroe (22 DEC 1853-27 OCT 1936)
Penley, James Nathan (1831-3 JUN 1893)
Penley, James O. (ABT 1870-AFT 1920)
Penley, James Samuel Harrison (23 APR 1889-12 OCT 1961)
Penley, James William (3 FEB 1876-25 OCT 1956)
Penley, James Worley (ABT 1893-AFT 1930)
Penley, Jane (1805-25 MAR 1858)
Penley, Jane (ABT 1910-AFT 1920)
Penley, Janice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Janice Helen (6 MAY 1945-)
Penley, Jeremy Norman (27 JAN 1980-UNKNOWN)
Penley, II, Jerry Allen (UNKNOWN-)
Penley, Jerry Allen (26 MAR 1941-)
Penley, Jerry Milburn (16 MAR 1894-2 MAY 1965)
Penley, Jessee Linda (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Jincy Ellen (1884-UNKNOWN)
Penley, John (ABT 1905-UNKNOWN)
Penley, John (1848-7 APR 1866)
Penley, John (1822-1876)
Penley, John (ABT 1764-AFT 1834)
Penley, John Evans (1 MAY 1887-6 FEB 1965)
Penley, John Lewis (ABT 1912-AFT 1930)
Penley, John M. (25 MAY 1885-4 JUL 1920)
Penley, John M. (ABT 1862-UNKNOWN)
Penley, John R. (ABT 1861-BEF 1930)
Penley, John T. (MAY 1891-UNKNOWN)
Penley, John Trigg (4 JUL 1878-AFT 1930)
Penley, John W. (2 MAR 1855-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Joshua (25 JUN 1736-ABT 1814)
Penley, Judith (ABT 1850-AFT 1880)
Penley, Kelly Horton (ABT 1912-AFT 1930)
Penley, Kerry Anthony (2 NOV 1964-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Kimper Kemp (ABT 1914-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Kristin Andra (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Laura B. (ABT 1905-AFT 1920)
Penley, Lawrence Buford (21 JUN 1910-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Lee H. (1905-1935)
Penley, Liddie Lydia Elizabeth (4 JUN 1878-13 JAN 1948)
Penley, Lillie Bell (12 OCT 1888-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Lillie Miller (ABT 1889-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Lona (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Louisa J. (ABT 1862-AFT 1883)
Penley, Louisa Patience (1872-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Lovina Serilday Serilda (1829-16 JAN 1870)
Penley, Lucille Malinda (30 AUG 1921-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Ludema (1901-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Lula (ABT 1903-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Lula Owen (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Mable (ABT 1918-AFT 1930)
Penley, Madlene (ABT 1908-AFT 1910)
Penley, Mahala Victoria (27 DEC 1880-10 JUL 1965)
Penley, Malcolm (ABT 1905-AFT 1930)
Penley, Margaret (ABT 1925-AFT 1930)
Penley, Margaret (ABT 1856-AFT 1910)
Penley, Margaret Ethel (1898-1911)
Penley, Martha E. (ABT 1919-AFT 1920)
Penley, Martha E. (17 JAN 1867-14 AUG 1896)
Penley, Martha Jane (ABT 1847-AFT 1883)
Penley, Mary (ABT 1927-AFT 1930)
Penley, Mary (15 FEB 1868-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Mary (3 JAN 1711/12-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Mary (ABT 1908-AFT 1920)
Penley, Mary B. (ABT 1927-AFT 1930)
Penley, Mary E. (1895-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Mary E. (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Mary Frances (1928-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Mary Jane (14 APR 1854-BEF 1888)
Penley, Mary Jane (1841-AFT 1910)
Penley, Mary N. (ABT 1875-UNKNOWN)
Penley, May (ABT 1910-AFT 1930)
Penley, Melicia Melissa (1854-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Melvin (ABT 1849-AFT 1890)
Penley, Melvin Jerry (ABT 1886-AFT 1930)
Penley, Michael Sevier (ABT 1874-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Mildred (ABT 1925-AFT 1930)
Penley, Milo McKinley (25 SEP 1900-16 DEC 1973)
Penley, Minnie Anne (14 MAR 1894-6 MAY 1983)
Penley, Mitchell Clayton (7 FEB 1925-)
Penley, Myrtle Jean (1925-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Nancy (1806-AFT 1880)
Penley, Nancy (ABT 1903-AFT 1920)
Penley, Nancy A. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Nancy A. (ABT 1849-8 SEP 1874)
Penley, Nancy Clinton (9 JUL 1869-ABT 1910)
Penley, Nancy E. (10 MAR 1857-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Nancy Jane (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Nanny (ABT 1908-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Nellie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Nellie Cleo (ABT 1916-AFT 1930)
Penley, Noah D. (ABT 1866-AFT 1880)
Penley, Nola (2 APR 1927-)
Penley, Nora M. (ABT 1908-AFT 1930)
Penley, Norma Kay (25 AUG 1960-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Ora B. (ABT 1904-AFT 1920)
Penley, Orville (1912-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Perry (ABT 1898-AFT 1920)
Penley, Polly (13 AUG 1869-21 DEC 1885)
Penley, Polly A. (1859-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Rainey (ABT 1915-AFT 1930)
Penley, Rayford C. (ABT 1914-AFT 1920)
Penley, Ressie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Rev., Robert (12 APR 1842-25 AUG 1923)
Penley, Robert (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Robert A. (ABT 1848-BEF 1900)
Penley, Robert A. (ABT 1903-AFT 1930)
Penley, Roger Wayne (6 MAY 1951-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Rome (ABT 1913-AFT 1920)
Penley, Jr., Roy (ABT 1926-AFT 1930)
Penley, Roy E. (ABT 1902-AFT 1930)
Penley, Ruby (ABT 1925-AFT 1930)
Penley, Rufus Asbury (12 OCT 1896-14 JUL 1981)
Penley, Rufus K. (ABT 1914-AFT 1920)
Penley, Ruth (ABT 1921-AFT 1930)
Penley, Ryne Dylan (17 JAN 1991-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Sallie (30 JUN 1858-9 JAN 1923)
Penley, Sally (ABT 1872-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Samuel (14 MAY 1855-4 DEC 1921)
Penley, Samuel (ABT 1910-AFT 1920)
Penley, Samuel A. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Jr, Samuel J. (27 JUN 1857-15 MAY 1901)
Penley, Samuel J. (1821-AFT 1880)
Penley, Samuel P. (ABT 1878-AFT 1900)
Penley, Sarah (15 APR 1883-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Sarah Amanda (1852-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Sarah E. (13 NOV 1853-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Sarah Lydia (1883-12 JAN 1972)
Penley, Sean David (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Shelley Sybel (ABT 1918-AFT 1920)
Penley, Sheree Lynn (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Stanley Norman (6 APR 1957-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Stephen (ABT 1917-AFT 1930)
Penley, Susan (1848-AFT 1870)
Penley, Theodore (ABT 1928-AFT 1930)
Penley, Thomas (ABT 1760-BEF 1787)
Penley, Thomas (8 JUN 1709-22 MAR 1735/36)
Penley, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Thomas (ABT 1648-ABT 1698)
Penley, Thomas (6 JUN 1732-AFT 1752)
Penley, Thomas Eldridge (1834-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Thomas J. (1845-14 APR 1923)
Penley, Thomas Jackson (8 MAR 1878-AFT 1930)
Penley, Thompson "Thomason" Martin (1827-AFT 1870)
Penley, Vina C. (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Virgie (ABT 1905-AFT 1920)
Penley, Virginia (ABT 1922-AFT 1930)
Penley, Vivian (ABT 1918-AFT 1930)
Penley, Walter P. (ABT 1855-AFT 1880)
Penley, Wesley (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Penley, William (ABT 1620-ABT 1650)
Penley, William (15 NOV 1729-AFT 1800)
Penley, William (ABT 1920-AFT 1930)
Penley, William (ABT 1680-BEF 3 AUG 1747)
Penley, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, Jr., William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, William A. (JUN 1860-1941)
Penley, William A. (ABT 1872-UNKNOWN)
Penley, William Andrew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Penley, William F. (1871-26 NOV 1893)
Penley, William L. (ABT 1919-AFT 1930)
Penley, William M. (1852-AFT 1880)
Penley, William Manuel (1875-31 DEC 1941)
Penley, William Milo (ABT 1900-AFT 1930)
Penley, William S. (ABT 1874-UNKNOWN)
Penley, William T. (25 JUL 1842-10 OCT 1910)
Penley, Woodrow (ABT 1922-AFT 1930)
Penley, Worlie (APR 1884-AFT 1900)
Penn, Christian (UNKNOWN-AFT 1684)
Penn, William
Pepin, (APR 773-8 JUL 810)
Pepin, (817-AFT 840)
Perkins, Avarilla (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Perkins, Mollie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pershall, Humphrey (ABT 1460-ABT 1489)
Pershall, John (ABT 1485-UNKNOWN)
Pershall, Richard (ABT 1508-UNKNOWN)
Peshall, Sir Adam (ABT 1269-ABT 1346)
Peshall, Sir Richard (ABT 1315-ABT 1387)
Peshall, Sir Thomas (ABT 1343-ABT 1381)
Peterson, Katherine C. (ABT 1664-21 NOV 1739)
Peterson, Matthias (ABT 1660-14 SEP 1719)
Peterson, Samuel (ABT 1639-UNKNOWN)
Pfeiffer, Elizabeth (ABT 1746-17 JUL 1818)
Pfeiffer, Henry (UNKNOWN-ABT 1778)
Pharamond, (UNKNOWN-404)
Phelps, Catherine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Philippi, Charles James (ABT 1928-UNKNOWN)
Philippi, Gerald (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Philippi, Iris Jean (ABT 1930-UNKNOWN)
Philippi, Lawrence M. (24 APR 1900-12 APR 1975)
Philips, Susan C. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Alfred (ABT 1924-AFT 1930)
Phillips, Allen Lewis (25 JUL 1892-15 DEC 1959)
Phillips, Alonzo (ABT 1920-AFT 1930)
Phillips, Amanda (JUL 1887-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Andrew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Andrew Jackson (JUL 1880-19 DEC 1911)
Phillips, Anna (JUL 1891-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Caleb Raynor (15 MAY 1800-7 APR 1865)
Phillips, Charles (23 MAR 1883-19 OCT 1942)
Phillips, Charlotte (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Charlotte (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Charlotte Charlotty (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Claude Allen (5 NOV 1913-21 FEB 1963)
Phillips, Connie Diane (16 OCT 1956-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Cornelious (ABT 1846-23 MAR 1878)
Phillips, Cynthia Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, David (ABT 1869-AFT 1887)
Phillips, David M. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Edna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Elijah (ABT 1791-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Ellen (ABT SEP 1894-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Emaline (ABT 1863-AFT 1880)
Phillips, Ezra (12 NOV 1762-17 APR 1836)
Phillips, Fanny J. (ABT 1877-AFT 1880)
Phillips, Flora (ABT 1875-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Freddie Helen (20 MAY 1918-28 APR 1980)
Phillips, Gabriel (1759-18 NOV 1812)
Phillips, George (ABT 1861-AFT 1882)
Phillips, George Lee (17 JUN 1805-23 SEP 1843)
Phillips, George W. (ABT 1870-AFT 1930)
Phillips, Henry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Hesco Lewis (6 MAR 1920-23 FEB 1984)
Phillips, Ines (ABT 1925-AFT 1930)
Phillips, Isabelle (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Jack (ABT 1868-BEF 1870)
Phillips, James (1784-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, James (ABT 1853-AFT 1870)
Phillips, James (ABT 1802-AFT 1880)
Phillips, James (ABT 1844-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, James William (OCT 1896-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Jimmy Jackson (1 APR 1935-14 APR 1982)
Phillips, John (ABT 1834-AFT 1880)
Phillips, John (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, John (7 JUN 1726-8 NOV 1800)
Phillips, John (ABT 1803-BEF 1880)
Phillips, John (ABT 1756-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, John Hardy "Bruce" (2 SEP 1900-ABT 1998)
Phillips, John Henry (6 APR 1916-1 JAN 1985)
Phillips, Jr, Jonathan (ABT 1790-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Jonathan (ABT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Jonathan (ABT 1765-NOV 1836)
Phillips, Jonathan Wesley (ABT 1826-AFT 1900)
Phillips, Katie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Laura (ABT 1874-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Laura Eveline (ABT 1872-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Lee Roy (NOV 1932-3 AUG 2004)
Phillips, Lewis Louis Walter (2 JAN 1850-11 FEB 1933)
Phillips, Lloyd (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Lovay (ABT MAR 1878-SEP 1878)
Phillips, Manda (ABT 1916-AFT 1920)
Phillips, Margie Elizabeth (12 MAY 1925-11 JAN 1952)
Phillips, Martha (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Martha (ABT 1859-AFT 1880)
Phillips, Mary (DEC 1890-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Mary (ABT 1790-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Mary (ABT 1810-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Mary (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Mary Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Nancy (ABT 1799-ABT 1880)
Phillips, Nancy (ABT 1865-AFT 1880)
Phillips, Nancy (JAN 1900-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Nancy (9 JAN 1844-26 OCT 1942)
Phillips, Nathan (ABT 1794-ABT 1833)
Phillips, Nathan (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Neal (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Oliver (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Paul Martin (26 AUG 1953-)
Phillips, Pearl (25 OCT 1897-29 MAY 1986)
Phillips, Phebe (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Phoebe (ABT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Presley (1882-13 DEC 1889)
Phillips, Rachel M. (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Raymond Taylor (15 MAR 1929-)
Phillips, Rebecca (ABT 1789-ABT 1875)
Phillips, Rebecca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Richard (ABT 1801-ABT 1836)
Phillips, Robert (ABT 1757-1821)
Phillips, Rosa (JAN 1875-BEF 1904)
Phillips, Ruth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Sanford Hillary (31 MAY 1927-8 DEC 2002)
Phillips, Sara Amanda J. (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Sarah (ABT 1857-AFT 1870)
Phillips, Sarah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Sarah E. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Stephen (ABT 1792-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Taylor (ABT 1918-AFT 1930)
Phillips, Taylor (JAN 1874-AFT 1930)
Phillips, Terry Keith (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Thomas (ABT 1755-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Thomas (ABT 1855-AFT 1870)
Phillips, Walter Dahl (20 JUN 1922-10 OCT 2000)
Phillips, William (ABT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, William (ABT 1919-AFT 1920)
Phillips, William B. (OCT 1896-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Willie (ABT 1898-UNKNOWN)


"How can a tangled web that appears so open be so impregnable as when we try to pierce it when we delve into genealogy!"
-Jerry A. Penley-

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