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Family Tree Names

Cartiere, Amelia (ABT 1903-UNKNOWN)
Casey, Lucinda Catherine (ABT 1820-AFT 1861)
Casey, Napoleon B. (ABT 1840-ABT 1900)
Casimir, I, (28 JUL 1016-28 NOV 1058)
Cassady, Alexander (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cassady, Benjamin (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Cassady, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cassady, Mary (1848-UNKNOWN)
Cassady, Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cassady, Samuel (4 JAN 1854-UNKNOWN)
Cassady, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cassady, William S. (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Castile, Eleanor of (BET 1235 AND 1254-BET 1260 AND 1339)
Caudle, Priscilla (1798-BEF 1870)
Cawood, Margaret (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Cecil, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ceres, Thomas (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Chambart, Martha (ABT 1600-UNKNOWN)
Chapman, Godleve (ABT 1469-ABT 1547)
Chapman, Mary E. (1838-UNKNOWN)
Chapman, Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Charibert, Count de Leon (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Charlemagne, (2 APR 742-28 JAN 812/13)
Charles, III, King of France, (17 SEP 879-7 OCT 929)
Charles, III, King Of France, (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Charles, II, King of France, (13 JUN 828-6 OCT 877)
Chase, Elizabeth Holder (ABT 1650-UNKNOWN)
Chastelain, Jane (ABT 1170-UNKNOWN)
Chastelain, Robert (ABT 1084-UNKNOWN)
Chastelain, William (ABT 1124-UNKNOWN)
Cheadle, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chesnut, Alexander (UNKNOWN-ABT 1749)
Chesnut, David (1713-22 APR 1778)
Chesnut, James (ABT 1717-ABT 1754)
Chesnut, John (ABT 1715-UNKNOWN)
Chesnut, Samuel (UNKNOWN-ABT 1734)
Chesnut, William (ABT 1720-BEF 24 FEB 1783)
Chestnut, Agnes Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chestnut, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chestnut, Jenny Jane (BEF 1775-8 FEB 1827)
Chestnut, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chestnut, Martha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chestnut, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chestnut, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chestnut, William (UNKNOWN-ABT 1802)
Chetwynde, Johanna (ABT 1320-UNKNOWN)
Chetwynde, Sir Reginald (ABT 1294-UNKNOWN)
Childress, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Childs, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chilperic, King of Burgundy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chinn, Rebecca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Chowning, George (16 FEB 1687/88-UNKNOWN)
Christian, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Christiansen, Anna Sophia (2 JAN 1803-17 APR 1865)
Church, Margaret (ABT 1420-UNKNOWN)
Church, Mary Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cimbraugh, Isabella (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Claassen, Catherine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clairden, Robert (ABT 1753-UNKNOWN)
Clare, Porter R. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clarel, Elizabeth (ABT 1404-UNKNOWN)
Clarel, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Ida Minerva (25 MAY 1868-29 DEC 1924)
Clark, Keturah (UNKNOWN-AFT 1830)
Clark, Pauline (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Susannah (17 DEC 1721-22 FEB 1771)
Claudius, Emporer (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clayton, Alexander (ABT 1701-UNKNOWN)
Clayton, Elizabeth (ABT 1697-UNKNOWN)
Clayton, Hannah (ABT 1700-UNKNOWN)
Clayton, Jesse (ABT 1770-)
Clayton, John (ABT 1731-UNKNOWN)
Clayton, Sr., John (ABT 1756-1801)
Clayton, Mary (ABT 1693-UNKNOWN)
Clayton, Philip (ABT 1753-)
Clayton, Stephen (ABT 1703-27 JUN 1784)
Clayton, III, Stephen (ABT 1761-1834)
Clayton, Jr., Stephen (ABT 1735-ABT 1796)
Clayton, William (ABT 1695-UNKNOWN)
Clayton, William (ABT 1760-9 MAY 1831)
Clayton, William (ABT 1730-1781)
Clayton, William (1761-)
Clayton, Winnifred Milly (ABT 1740-AFT 1811)
Cleaton-Clayton, William (ABT 1630-BEF 1680)
Cleaton-Clayton, William (ABT 1665-1705)
Clendenin, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clendenin, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Clifton, Catherine (ABT 1360-UNKNOWN)
Clifton, Sir John (ABT 1328-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Aaron (18 FEB 1859-10 JUN 1942)
Clodius, III, (UNKNOWN-298)
Clodius, V, (UNKNOWN-378)
Clodius, I, (UNKNOWN-389)
Clodomir, IV, (UNKNOWN-166)
Clodomir, IV, (UNKNOWN-337)
Clothary, I, King of France, (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cobb, Mary (UNKNOWN-)
Cochran, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Coilus, (UNKNOWN-170)
Colchester, Margery (ABT 1480-UNKNOWN)
Coleston, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Coleston, Latticia Lattice (ABT 1770-AFT 1850)
Colley, William K. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Collingsworth, Elijah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Arthur (ABT 1844-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Dorette Campbell (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Margaret Liddie (ABT 1885-AFT 1920)
Collins, Rebecca (ABT 1740-UNKNOWN)
Combs, Margaret Peggy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Combs, Mary (ABT 1647-BEF 1679)
Commer, Fred (ABT 1913-AFT 1930)
Commer, Mary L. (ABT 1920-AFT 1930)
Commer, William S. (ABT 1887-AFT 1930)
Condon, Elizabeth Ann (ABT 1825-UNKNOWN)
Conkin, Clara Lee (UNKNOWN-)
Conner, Lois Loraine (12 JUL 1931-UNKNOWN)
Conolly, Ann (ABT 1730-UNKNOWN)
Conolly, Bryant (ABT 1710-21 JUN 1784)
Conolly, Bryant (ABT 1702-ABT 1762)
Conolly, Hellender (ABT 1730-UNKNOWN)
Constable, Agnes (ABT 1424-UNKNOWN)
Constable, Sir John (ABT 1380-UNKNOWN)
Constable, William (ABT 1340-UNKNOWN)
Conway, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-ABT 1773)
Cooley, Sarah S. (1828-UNKNOWN)
Coppin, John (ABT 1530-20 MAY 1581)
Coppin, Mary Martha (1 JUN 1595-8 MAR 1632/33)
Coppin, William (3 DEC 1563-18 MAR 1632/33)
Corbet, Juliana (ABT 1435-UNKNOWN)
Corbet, Robert (25 DEC 1304-ABT 1375)
Corbet, Robert (UNKNOWN-JAN 1437/38)
Corbet, Roger (ABT 1353-JAN 1395/96)
Corbin, Abner J. (ABT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Corbin, Arthur (AUG 1885-UNKNOWN)
Corbin, Elias Milburn (15 APR 1851-UNKNOWN)
Corbin, Elizabeth F. (6 MAY 1881-UNKNOWN)
Corbin, Euphena E. (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Corbin, James W. (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Corbin, May Alla Etta (25 JUL 1873-UNKNOWN)
Corbin, William (APR 1883-UNKNOWN)
Cordell, Rhoda Ball (ABT 1847-ABT 1900)
Cornell, Rebecca (31 JAN 1628/29-5 FEB 1712/13)
Cornett, Mary Rosa (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Corneus, Margaret (ABT 1370-UNKNOWN)
Corneus, Sir Walter (ABT 1295-UNKNOWN)
Corneus, Walter (ABT 1330-UNKNOWN)
Cornish, Elizabeth (ABT 1475-UNKNOWN)
Cornwallis, Affra (ABT 1500-UNKNOWN)
Cornwallis, John (ABT 1360-AUG 1446)
Cornwallis, Thomas (ABT 1325-4 JAN 1383/84)
Cornwallis, Thomas (ABT 1396-ABT 1448)
Cornwallis, William (1447-NOV 1519)
Corzine, Elizabeth (1701-ABT 1768)
Cottrell, Cathy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Councill, Rachel Louisa (14 MAR 1816-UNKNOWN)
Counts, James D. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cowan, Andrew (UNKNOWN-ABT 1799)
Cowan, Ann (BEF 1765-UNKNOWN)
Cowan, Major John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cowan, Samuel (UNKNOWN-1776)
Cowan, Samuel Martin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cowan, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cowden, Mary Catherine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cox, Nancy Jane (UNKNOWN-AFT 1850)
Cox, William B. (UNKNOWN-JAN 1854)
Cragun, Caleb (1798-1838)
Cragun, Elizabeth (1820-UNKNOWN)
Cragun, John (1820-UNKNOWN)
Cragun, Margaret (1830-UNKNOWN)
Cragun, Nancy Ann (1828-UNKNOWN)
Cranch, John (ABT 1595-UNKNOWN)
Crane, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cranfield, Elizabeth (ABT 1514-WFT Est 1552-1609)
Cranfield, William Glover (ABT 1483-UNKNOWN)
Crank, Abraham (ABT 1788-BEF 17 AUG 1815)
Crank, Dorothy (ABT 1780-UNKNOWN)
Crank, Elizabeth (9 APR 1782-25 MAY 1874)
Crank, Elizabeth (1685-UNKNOWN)
Crank, James (ABT 1778-1862)
Crank, John H. (ABT 1705-ABT 1803)
Crank, John H. (ABT 1775-UNKNOWN)
Crank, John Watts (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Crank, Mary Polly (ABT 1785-AFT 1870)
Crank, Matthew (1680-UNKNOWN)
Crank, Nathaniel (1675-1767)
Crank, Robert (ABT 1790-UNKNOWN)
Crank, Thomas (ABT 1677-6 MAY 1727)
Crank, Thomas (ABT 1650-8 OCT 1721)
Crank, William M. (ABT 1784-UNKNOWN)
Crassus, Pepin of (UNKNOWN-16 DEC 714)
Crawford, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Crawford, Sir John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cremon, Veronica (ABT 1583-UNKNOWN)
Cresha, Martisha Winn (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Crinitus, Clodius (UNKNOWN-ABT 445)
Crocheran, Marie (ABT 1660-ABT 1697)
Crockford, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cromwell, Francis (1594-UNKNOWN)
Cromwell, Henry (ABT 1524-6 JAN 1603/04)
Cromwell, Oliver (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cromwell, Lord Protector, Oliver (25 APR 1599-3 SEP 1658)
Cromwell, Robert (ABT 1560-ABT 1617)
Crosby, Sarah (ABT 1710-UNKNOWN)
Crosby, William W. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Crosher, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Crosher, Katherine (1586-24 MAY 1636)
Crossman, Benjamin (8 JAN 1707/08-24 MAY 1792)
Crossman, John (ABT 1588-26 JAN 1687/88)
Crossman, John (16 MAR 1653/54-ABT 1731)
Crossman, Prudence (ABT 1740-27 OCT 1825)
Crossman, Robert (1 NOV 1632-27 OCT 1692)
Crostwait, Sarah (ABT 1733-UNKNOWN)
Crum, Mary A. (1834-UNKNOWN)
Crum, Sarah (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Crumb, Frederick (ABT 1913-AFT 1920)
Crumb, William R. (22 JUL 1883-AFT 1920)
Crumley, Jennet S. (8 FEB 1840-23 JUL 1919)
Culbertson, Elizabeth (1792-1870)
Culbertson, James (19 JAN 1764-1823)
Culton, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cummins, Samuel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cunningham, Clarence (1905-23 DEC 1966)
Cunobelin, Kimbeline (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Curtis, Ann (ABT 1640-ABT DEC 1703)
Curtis, Samuel (ABT 1601-UNKNOWN)
Curtis, Jr, Samuel (ABT 1621-ABT 1670)
Curwen, Margaret (ABT 1445-ABT 1510)
D'Augouleme, Isabel (1188-31 MAY 1244)
Dagobert, (UNKNOWN-317)
Dagobert, (UNKNOWN-389)
Dagobert, (UNKNOWN-379)
Dale, Katherine (1652-10 MAY 1703)
Dale, Major Edward (1624-20 FEB 1694/95)
Dale, Sr., Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Danklefsen, Catherine Dorothy (19 MAR 1840-28 APR 1916)
Daugherty, Hannah Adeline (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Daugherty, Lucinda M. (22 SEP 1854-31 AUG 1920)
Daugherty, Nancy Elizabeth (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Davenport, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Davenport, Ella Susie (UNKNOWN-)
Davenport, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Daventry, Saher De Quincey Of Buckley And (BET 1064 AND 1107-BET 1105 AND 1188)
Davidson, Isobel (ABT 1540-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Adaline (ABT 1841-AFT 1880)
Davis, Alexander Elliott (ABT 1876-AFT 1949)
Davis, Andrew C. (ABT 1867-AFT 1870)
Davis, Andrew T. (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Aquila??? (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Charles Franklin (11 OCT 1878-AFT 1949)
Davis, Dora Martha Mae (8 JAN 1879-14 FEB 1964)
Davis, Elizabeth (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Davis, George (ABT 1879-AFT 1880)
Davis, George Franklin (ABT 1847-AFT 1880)
Davis, Harvey (ABT 1869-AFT 1880)
Davis, Harvey Henderson (12 MAR 1854-21 JUL 1926)
Davis, Henry Jonathan (ABT 1856-AFT 1878)
Davis, Hezekiah (ABT 1760-ABT 1829)
Davis, Isaac (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Davis, James (ABT 1876-AFT 1880)
Davis, James H. (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Jane (ABT 1835-10 FEB 1921)
Davis, Jonathan (ABT 1802-BEF 1870)
Davis, Jonathan John A. (ABT 1838-AFT 1870)
Davis, Joseph (ABT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Lucinda (ABT 1868-AFT 1870)
Davis, Margaret Elizabeth (25 MAY 1861-14 JUN 1949)
Davis, Martha Ann (ABT 1858-AFT 1870)
Davis, Mary (ABT 1764-ABT 1835)
Davis, Mary (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Mary Jane (26 JUN 1868-AFT 1880)
Davis, Michael (ABT 1849-AFT 1870)
Davis, Nancy (4 AUG 1804-ABT 1840)
Davis, Nancy (ABT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Nancy E. (ABT 1859-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Nancy Emily (ABT 1854-1887)
Davis, Narcissa (22 NOV 1812-16 DEC 1867)
Davis, Rhoda (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Robert (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Sarah (ABT 1766-8 AUG 1851)
Davis, Sarah A. (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Sarah Sally (ABT 1827-UNKNOWN)
Davis, William (ABT 1871-AFT 1880)
Davis, William C. (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Davis, William N. (ABT 1798-UNKNOWN)
Davis, William Sylivan Sylvester (20 OCT 1830-26 JUN 1916)
Davis, William T. (28 MAY 1864-10 AUG 1865)
Dawson, Margaret (ABT 1820-UNKNOWN)
Dawson, Tamsey (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Dawson, Vincent (ABT 1826-UNKNOWN)
Dawson, Vincent (UNKNOWN-ABT 1841)
Dawson, William (ABT 1813-UNKNOWN)
Day, Amber Louise (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Day, Elizabeth (ABT 1794-UNKNOWN)
Day, Elizabeth Mary Angelica (ABT 1710-ABT 1750)
Day, Thomas (ABT 1651-ABT 1706)
De Arches, Isabel (WFT Est 1213-1264-WFT Est 1247-1345)
De Arches, Sir Robert (WFT Est 1176-1235-WFT Est 1213-1313)
De Beaumont, Lady Margaret (UNKNOWN-12 JAN 1235/36)
De Beaumont, Sir Robert (1049-5 JUN 1118)
De Beaumont, Sir Robert (BEF 1135-1190)
De Beaumont, Sir Robert (1104-5 APR 1168)
De Bolbec, Hugh (WFT Est 1117-1163-WFT Est 1162-1242)
De Bolbeck, Isabel (WFT Est 1162-1190-3 FEB 1244/45)
De Boteyl, Richard Bennet (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Bourgones, Ermengarde (WFT Est 954-989-WFT Est 1045-1082)
De Braye, Katherine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Caverswall, John (ABT 1290-UNKNOWN)
De Caverswall, Miss (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Chaucombe, Annibel (ABT 1216-UNKNOWN)
De Chaucombe, Roger (ABT 1195-UNKNOWN)
De Chaworth, II, Patrick (ABT 1052-UNKNOWN)
De Chaworth, Sibyl (ABT 1090-UNKNOWN)
De Clair, Gilbert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Clair, Richard (WFT Est 1133-1200-WFT Est 1170-1275)
De Clair, Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Clare, Alice (WFT Est 1053-1071-1155)
De Clare, IV, Gilbert (12 SEP 1243-7 DEC 1298)
De Clare, Margaret (1293-13 APR 1342)
De Clarmont, Adelaid (WFT Est 1047-1059-WFT Est 1102-1153)
De Douglas, Andrew (ABT 1205-UNKNOWN)
De Douglas, the Good James, Sir James B (1286-25 AUG 1330)
De Douglas, William (ABT 1200-ABT 1276)
De Driby, Alice (ABT 1340-UNKNOWN)
De Driby, John (ABT 1312-UNKNOWN)
De Duglas, William (ABT 1160-1214)
De Eardiston, Giles (ABT 1323-UNKNOWN)
De Estoteville, Patrick (WFT Est 1097-1174-WFT Est 1138-1249)
De Estoteville, Robert (ABT 1030-UNKNOWN)
De Estoteville, Robert (ABT 1060-UNKNOWN)
De Flynton, Margaret (WFT Est 1252-1291-WFT Est 1286-1375)
De Gaude, Lady Amica (BET 1086 AND 1109-BET 1138 AND 1199)
De Gaude, II, Earl, Ralph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Gaveston, Amy (1312-UNKNOWN)
De Gaveston, Piers Peter (ABT 1290-ABT 1312)
De Grandmesnil, Hugh (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Halswicle, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-ABT 1565)
De Hede, Henry (UNKNOWN-31 MAR 1374)
De Hesding, Ernulf (ABT 1040-UNKNOWN)
De Hesding, Matilda (ABT 1062-UNKNOWN)
De Heton, Johanna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Heton, Sir Henry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Hiltoft, Sir William (WFT Est 1246-1295-WFT Est 1287-1373)
De Knighton, Lord Hugh (ABT 1240-UNKNOWN)
De Knighton, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Lacie, Earl John (BET 1177 AND 1232-BET 1217 AND 1309)
De Lamington, Marjorie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Langtun, Beatrix (WFT Est 1102-1177-WFT Est 1138-1255)
De Langtun, Sir Pagan (WFT Est 1066-1147-WFT Est 1102-1222)
De Lindsay, Beatrice (ABT 1291-UNKNOWN)
De Malpas, Helen (ABT 1363-UNKNOWN)
De Manithorp, Mariana (WFT Est 1139-1206-WFT Est 1175-1285)
De Manithorp, William (WFT Est 1102-1177-WFT Est 1139-1252)
De Morvois, Bertha (BET 837 AND 860-BET 883 AND 947)
De Muer, Alice (WFT Est 1332-1351-WFT Est 1367-1436)
De Muer, Lord Ralph (WFT Est 1286-1323-WFT Est 1332-1403)
De Mumby, Agnes (WFT Est 1253-1298-WFT Est 1287-1380)
De Mumby, William (WFT Est 1214-1269-WFT Est 1253-1347)
De Patmore, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Peshall, Hugh (ABT 1423-ABT 1488)
De Peshall, Hugh (ABT 1393-UNKNOWN)
De Peshall, Nicholas (ABT 1363-UNKNOWN)
De Peshall, Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Peshall, Sir Richard (ABT 1240-UNKNOWN)
De Quincey, Hawise (WFT Est 1178-1212-WFT Est 1242-1302)
De Quincey, Margaret (BET 1183 AND 1235-BET 1217 AND 1315)
De Quincey, Robert (BET 1145 AND 1206-BET 1185 AND 1282)
De Quincey, Robert (BET 1104 AND 1133-1198)
De Quincey, Saire (1155-3 NOV 1219)
De Rameru, Hildoin (WFT Est 979-1011-WFT Est 1036-1098)
De Rodirforde, Baron Hugo (ABT 1190-UNKNOWN)
De Rodyrforde, Nichol (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Rodyrforde, Robertus Dominus (1140-UNKNOWN)
De Rothirforde, Gregory (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Rothirforde, Sir, Nichol (ABT 1226-UNKNOWN)
De Rothirforde, Sir Nichol (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Roucy, Adele (WFT Est 987-1014-1062)
De Roucy, Margeret (WFT Est 1036-1062-WFT Est 1085-1153)
De Rutherfurd, Sir, Richard (ABT 1345-ABT 1424)
De Rutherfurde, William (ABT 1300-UNKNOWN)
De Ruthirfurde, Sir, Richard (ABT 1270-UNKNOWN)
De Ruthirfurde, Sir Robert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Sanford, Alice (-BEF 9 SEP 1312)
De Schypwith, Jeffrey (WFT Est 1133-1203-WFT Est 1175-1279)
De Skipwith, John (WFT Est 1245-1288-WFT Est 1286-1369)
De Skipwith, Sir John (WFT Est 1207-1261-WFT Est 1247-1339)
De Skipwith, Sir William (WFT Est 1170-1232-WFT Est 1211-1309)
De Skipwith, William (WFT Est 1285-1314-1336)
De Somery, John (ABT 1137-UNKNOWN)
De Somery, Margaret (1290-UNKNOWN)
De Somery, Ralph (ABT 1158-ABT 1220)
De Somery, Robert (ABT 1093-UNKNOWN)
De Somery, Roger (ABT 1120-ABT 1170)
De Somery, Roger (ABT 1214-1272)
De Somery, Roger (ABT 1239-UNKNOWN)
De Sutton, Hugh (ABT 1150-UNKNOWN)
De Sutton, John (ABT 1285-ABT 1329)
De Sutton, Richard (29 SEP 1266-UNKNOWN)
De Sutton, Robert (ABT 1240-ABT 1300)
De Sutton, William (ABT 1210-UNKNOWN)
De Thorpe, Alice (WFT Est 1176-1235-WFT Est 1211-1316)
De Umfreville, Margaret (1390-23 JUN 1444)
De Umfreville, Thomas (1361-1391)
De Vere, Aubrey (BET 1113 AND 1141-26 DEC 1194)
De Vere, II, Aubrey (WFT Est 1073-1116-15 MAY 1141)
De Vere, Hugh (1210-BEF 23 DEC 1263)
De Vere, Joane (-1293)
De Vere, Robert (AFT 1164-BEF 25 OCT 1221)
De Vere, Robert (1240-BEF 7 SEP 1296)
De Vermandois, Countess Adelaide (UNKNOWN-1120)
De Vermandois, I, Herbert (840-902)
De Vermandois, Lady Isabel (UNKNOWN-13 FEB 1130/31)
De Vexin, Lady Adela (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
De Vries, Annetie (1650-1735)
De Warren, Alice (BET 1265 AND 1308-BET 1299 AND 1390)
De Warren, William
De Witt, Maria (1670-1709)
De Witt, Pieter (1650-UNKNOWN)
De Witt, Pieter (1630-UNKNOWN)
DeZarn, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Dean, Ervin (4 OCT 1922-19 FEB 1995)
Delf, Simpson (ABT 1853-AFT 1920)
Delph, William Simpson (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Denmark, Anne of (1574-1619)
Denney, Thomas Wesley (ABT 1830-BET 1882 AND 1900)
Denney, William N. (ABT 1805-ABT 1865)
Dennies, Margaret (ABT 1753-UNKNOWN)
Dennum, Mary (ABT 1737-ABT 1800)
Denny, Addie W. (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Alma (ABT 1907-AFT 1920)
Denny, Almeda (ABT 1898-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Amanda (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Amanda F. (1863-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Annie Mae (20 APR 1862-29 JAN 1904)
Denny, Bessie Gertrude (22 JUL 1897-22 JAN 1984)
Denny, Blanche Eula (ABT 1903-7 OCT 1985)
Denny, Buster (ABT 1918-AFT 1930)
Denny, Catherine Harriett (ABT 1854-AFT 1900)
Denny, Charl Helen (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Charles E. (14 FEB 1871-9 MAY 1932)
Denny, Charlie H. (10 DEC 1900-28 MAR 1944)
Denny, Clara E. (ABT 1929-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Cora M. (28 AUG 1892-16 JAN 1977)
Denny, Daughter (ABT 1829-UNKNOWN)
Denny, David (ABT 1744-20 JUL 1801)
Denny, David (ABT 1720-BEF JUN 1777)
Denny, David (25 FEB 1822-20 JUN 1903)
Denny, David A. (ABT 1894-AFT 1920)
Denny, David Wesley (10 NOV 1875-AFT 1918)
Denny, Dorak (JUL 1897-SEP 1897)
Denny, Elizabeth B. (16 FEB 1792-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Elizabeth C. (ABT 1831-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Ella (JAN 1882-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Elsworth (ABT 1911-AFT 1930)
Denny, Emmer V. (ABT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Eva (ABT 1916-AFT 1930)
Denny, Garland (AFT 1930-AFT 2002)
Denny, George A. (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Denny, George M. (ABT 1894-AFT 1910)
Denny, George S. (ABT 1830-AFT 1920)
Denny, Grace Lee (7 SEP 1884-6 JAN 1979)
Denny, Graham William (26 DEC 1893-26 FEB 1977)
Denny, Hannah E. (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Harriett (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Hattie A. (7 SEP 1887-19 MAR 1959)
Denny, Hatty M. (ABT 1862-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Jacob E. (ABT 1838-21 OCT 1892)
Denny, Jacob W. (1 JAN 1855-4 MAR 1932)
Denny, James Hall (25 JAN 1802-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Jay G. (ABT 1911-AFT 1930)
Denny, John (ABT 1789-24 MAR 1861)
Denny, John (5 OCT 1750-14 APR 1834)
Denny, John David (ABT JUN 1861-ABT 1934)
Denny, John George (ABT JUN 1888-9 AUG 1973)
Denny, John L. (18 DEC 1827-25 JAN 1903)
Denny, John L. (ABT 1883-1942)
Denny, John R. (ABT 1895-AFT 1930)
Denny, John S. (ABT 1871-AFT 1930)
Denny, John Thomas (FEB 1930-AFT 2002)
Denny, John W. (ABT 1858-1937)
Denny, Larisa E. (ABT 1875-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Laura V. (ABT 1859-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Lewis G. (1868-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Lillian (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Louisa (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Louisa V. (15 APR 1845-14 MAR 1914)
Denny, Lucie Lucy R. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Lucy Josephine (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Capt., Luther Hough (7 MAR 1834-9 JUL 1920)
Denny, Luther L. (NOV 1851-30 OCT 1853)
Denny, Maggie M. (ABT 1870-AFT 1930)
Denny, Malinda Peery (BEF 1836-BEF 1851)
Denny, Margaret (23 JUL 1790-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Margaret A. (23 MAR 1878-13 APR 1878)
Denny, Margaret E. (12 AUG 1848-25 MAR 1919)
Denny, Margaret Luna Cunningham Maggie (26 MAR 1843-AFT 1910)
Denny, Margery (JUL 1746-10 MAY 1837)
Denny, Marion D. (ABT 1878-ABT 1928)
Denny, Marion Hope (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Martha H. (12 MAR 1808-19 SEP 1889)
Denny, Martha N. (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Mary (ABT 1854-AFT 1870)
Denny, Mary A. M. (22 AUG 1857-25 JUN 1891)
Denny, Mary F. (1867-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Mary J. (ABT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Mary S. (1797-ABT 1821)
Denny, Mary T. (MAY 1895-25 SEP 1918)
Denny, Maude (ABT 1892-AFT 1930)
Denny, Maxene Owens (MAR 1894-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Mercedes A. (ABT 1922-AFT 1930)
Denny, Nannie C. (ABT SEP 1889-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Nannie Lee (ABT 1867-AFT 1930)
Denny, Nellie H. (ABT 1896-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Ormand (ABT 1909-AFT 1920)
Denny, Pearl Hazel (ABT 1905-AFT 1920)
Denny, Philip Gose (BEF 1837-BEF 1851)
Denny, Robert (14 MAY 1753-17 APR 1826)
Denny, Robert E. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Roxie May (ABT 1896-AFT 1920)
Denny, Sallie Teresa (14 OCT 1867-18 FEB 1935)
Denny, Sally E. (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Samuel (28 AUG 1755-4 JUL 1843)
Denny, Sarah H. (14 MAR 1800-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Stuart Wayne (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Thelma (ABT 1914-AFT 1930)
Denny, Thomas A. (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Vaught Stuart (22 APR 1902-AUG 1992)
Denny, Virginia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Walter (ABT 1741-ABT 1810)
Denny, Walter (6 FEB 1805-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Wilhelmina (ABT 1913-AFT 1920)
Denny, William (27 SEP 1748-5 APR 1832)
Denny, William (ABT 1904-AFT 1920)
Denny, William (1861-1938)
Denny, William George (7 APR 1870-5 AUG 1944)
Denny, William H. (ABT 1817-UNKNOWN)
Denyse, Teunis (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Depatmere, John (ABT 1279-UNKNOWN)
Depatmere, John (ABT 1304-UNKNOWN)
Dickenson, Agnes (ABT 1732-ABT 1785)
Dickenson, Archelaus (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Dickenson, Griffith (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Dickenson, Sr., Henry (ABT 1710-AFT 21 AUG 1792)
Dickenson, Jr., Henry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Dickenson, Humphrey (UNKNOWN-BEF 1778)
Dickenson, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Dickenson, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Dickenson, William (ABT 1650-UNKNOWN)
Dickenson, William Jennings (UNKNOWN-14 JAN 1781)
Dieb, Maria (ABT 1629-8 FEB 1688/89)
Diggs, Elizabeth (ABT 1325-UNKNOWN)
Diggs, John (ABT 1295-UNKNOWN)
Dingley, Joan (ABT 1471-UNKNOWN)
Dingus, Cecil (ABT 1917-AFT 1930)
Dingus, Grace (ABT 1921-AFT 1930)
Dingus, Oscar (ABT 1902-AFT 1930)
Dingus, Ralph (ABT 1924-AFT 1930)
Dirckson, Volkert (1692-1753)
Dixon, John (ABT 1440-ABT 1510)
Dixon, Margaret (ABT 1487-UNKNOWN)
Dobroniega, (AFT 1011-WFT Est 1047-1105)
Dorothea, Sophia (1666-1726)
Dougherty, Sarah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Alexander (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Archibald (ABT 1180-1240)
Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas, Archibald (1328-1400)
Douglas, Archibald (1489-BEF 22 JAN 1556/57)
Douglas, Regent, Archibald (ABT 1297-19 JUL 1333)
Douglas, Archibald (ABT 1445-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Brice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Freskin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, George (ABT 1463-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, George (UNKNOWN-FEB 1502/03)
Douglas, 1st Earl of Angus, George (ABT 1376-1403)
Douglas, Henry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, the Dull, Hugh (UNKNOWN-1347)
Douglas, Jean (ABT 1344-1400)
Douglas, Margaret (ABT 1265-ABT 1345)
Douglas, Margaret (ABT 1190-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Margaret (8 OCT 1515-9 MAR 1577/78)
Douglas, William (ABT 1399-OCT 1437)
Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas, William (UNKNOWN-1384)
Douglas, Lord of Douglas, William (ABT 1228-1298)
Doyle, Jane (ABT 1647-1709)
Doyle, John (ABT 1623-ABT 1707)
Doyne, Robert (1640-23 JUL 1689)
Doyne, Verlinda (17 OCT 1676-11 JAN 1740/41)
Drummond, Elizabeth (ABT 1465-UNKNOWN)
Du Bois, Louis (21 OCT 1626-1696)
Du Trieux, Isaac (UNKNOWN-BEF 1706)
Du Trieux, Philippe (3 JAN 1615/16-8 SEP 1653)
Du Trieux, Philippe (1586-BET 1649 AND 1653)
Dubois, Sarah (1664-1726)
Duff, Abbie (ABT 1860-ABT 1910)
Duff, Samuel (6 OCT 1803-17 JUL 1851)
Duncan, King Of Scotts (WFT Est 981-1030-WFT Est 1020-1109)
Dye, Abraham (1762-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Anderson (ABT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Branson (ABT 1806-5 FEB 1881)
Dye, Cummings (ABT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Fountain (ABT 1805-AFT 1860)
Dye, Frances A. (5 SEP 1862-13 AUG 1907)
Dye, George (ABT 1803-AFT 1850)
Dye, Henry (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Hugh J. (ABT 1834-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Isaiah (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Dye, James (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Jefferson (OCT 1829-11 JUL 1898)
Dye, John (ABT 1797-AFT 1870)
Dye, John Anderson (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Dye, King (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Malissa (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Margaret J. (ABT 1828-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Martha Jane (14 JUL 1852-27 MAR 1927)
Dye, Mary (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Mary Ann (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Nancy (ABT 1810-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Pryor (ABT 1800-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Richardson Edmond (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Dye, Robert (ABT 1792-ABT 1857)
Eads, Martha Ann (27 DEC 1882-UNKNOWN)
Eakin, Alexander (ABT 1830-23 APR 1853)
Eakin, Alexander (ABT 1760-6 APR 1828)
Eakin, Catherine (2 MAY 1794-5 MAR 1848)
Eakin, Dicey (15 DEC 1809-12 JAN 1866)
Eakin, James (ABT 1798-UNKNOWN)
Eakin, Margaret (ABT 1792-28 SEP 1854)
Eastep, Mollie (ABT 1765-UNKNOWN)
Ebles, I, (WFT Est 948-989-11 MAY 1033)
Edens, Nancy Speers (ABT 1803-AFT 1860)
Edmundson, Jane (UNKNOWN-11 OCT 1761)
Edward, "The Sheriff" (ABT 1060-UNKNOWN)
Edward, Walter Fitz (ABT 1087-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Egerton, Isabel (ABT 1440-UNKNOWN)
Egerton, Isabella (ABT 1249-UNKNOWN)
Elder, King Of England, Edward The (UNKNOWN-ABT 953)
Elfrida, (WFT Est 928-957-WFT Est 973-1048)
Elgiva, (UNKNOWN-ABT 1003)
Elgiva, (WFT Est 914-935-WFT Est 960-1025)
Elizabeth, Queen of England (11 FEB 1464/65-11 FEB 1502/03)
Elliot, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Elliot, Joan (ABT 1545-UNKNOWN)
Elliott, Nancy E. (1829-UNKNOWN)
Ellis, Elizabeth (5 JAN 1754-UNKNOWN)
Emmanuel, Francis Albert (1819-1861)
Emmelina, (ABT 1040-UNKNOWN)
Eneburga, Hugh (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Engeltrude, (WFT Est 769-808-WFT Est 803-892)
England, Edgar The Peaceful King Of (BEF 946-7 JAN 974/75)
England, Edmond Ironside King Of (989-30 NOV 1016)
England, Edmund I King Of (WFT Est 906-935-26 MAY 946)
England, Edward I King Of (ABT 1239-7 JUL 1307)
England, Ethelred II The Unready King Of (ABT 968-23 APR 1016)
England, Henry I King Of (ABT 1070-1 DEC 1135)
England, Henry II King Of (5 MAR 1132/33-6 JUL 1189)
England, Henry III King Of (1 OCT 1207-16 NOV 1272)
England, Henry VII of (28 JAN 1456/57-21 APR 1509)
England, John King Of (24 DEC 1161-19 OCT 1216)
England, Matilda Queen Of (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
England, William I King Of (ABT 1027-9 SEP 1087)
Ennis, George W. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ermengarde, (WFT Est 783-805-20 MAR 850/51)
Ermengerde, (WFT Est 754-782-3 OCT 818)
Ermentrude, (UNKNOWN-6 OCT 869)
Erskine, John (ABT 1675-MAY 1732)
Ervin, Andrew Jackson (ABT 1876-AFT 1930)
Ervin, Charles Edgar (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ervin, Elizabeth A. (6 JUL 1830-1 JAN 1889)
Ervin, James (ABT 1760-ABT 1812)
Ervin, James H. (26 DEC 1834-18 DEC 1917)
Ervin, Margaret E. (ABT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Ervin, Mary Polly Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ervin, Miles (ABT 1802-ABT 1849)
Ervin, Nancy (ABT 1783-UNKNOWN)
Ervin, Sarah D. (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Ervin, William (ABT 1795-AFT 1870)
Ervin, William Henry (24 MAY 1856-18 SEP 1936)
Eseentrino, Phoebe (ABT 1770-BEF 1820)
Estep, Jane (1837-UNKNOWN)
Estep, Kesiah (1837-ABT 1894)
Estill, William Kavanaugh (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Evitt, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ewing, Catherine (ABT 1766-29 DEC 1848)
Ewing, Joshua (25 SEP 1763-ABT 1840)
Ewing, Joshua (ABT 1697-9 AUG 1753)
Ewing, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ewing, Nathaniel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ewing, Capt., Patrick (1 FEB 1736/37-11 APR 1819)
Ewing, Capt., Patrick (12 FEB 1792-25 JUL 1879)
Ewing, Samuel E. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Eynshime, Heiress of (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fannon, Hester Ann (ABT 1847-AFT 1920)
Fannon, Hiram M. (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Fannon, James (ABT 1878-AFT 1880)
Fannon, Jessee (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fannon, Laura (ABT 1874-AFT 1930)
Fannon, Margaret (ABT 1900-UNKNOWN)
Fannon, Thomas (ABT 1879-AFT 1880)
Farabert, (UNKNOWN-186)
Feathers, Elizabeth (ABT 1758-UNKNOWN)
Ferdinand, III, King Of Castile, (WFT Est 1189-1226-WFT Est 1235-1306)
Ferguson, Andrew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Charles E. (1857-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Charles R. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Claude (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Dorinda (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Edwin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Edwin F. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Ellen (ABT 1821-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Emily Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Emmitt (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Eugenia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Isabelle (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Jamie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Jessie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Laura (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Leonia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Jr., Leslie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Leslie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Luther (1880-1904)
Ferguson, Mildred (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Nellie (1885-1961)
Ferguson, Robert Elbert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Ruth (ABT 1881-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Ruth (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Sidney (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Stanley (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Will Ed (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fetiplace, Johanna (ABT 1091-UNKNOWN)
Fields, Allie G. (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Fields, Cosby (ABT 1867-12 JUN 1954)
Fields, Cynthia S. (4 APR 1861-UNKNOWN)
Fields, Elbert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fields, Katie (12 OCT 1901-AUG 1978)
Fields, Leannah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fields, Nannie (11 AUG 1899-NOV 1985)
Fields, Reubin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Finch, Clarence (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Finch, Everett (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Finch, Lawrence (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Finney, Elizabeth (ABT 1765-31 MAR 1822)
Finney, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fish, Willemka (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
FitzWilliam, Catherine (ABT 1450-UNKNOWN)
FitzWilliam, Edmond (ABT 1348-UNKNOWN)
FitzWilliam, Edmond (ABT 1311-UNKNOWN)
FitzWilliam, Sir Richard (ABT 1397-1478)
Flanary, Isaac (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Flanary, John William (ABT 1778-ABT 1842)
Flanary, Lucinda (ABT 1818-AFT 1850)
Flanary, Lucretia Christina (ABT 1802-AFT 1850)
Flanary, Sarah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Flanary, Silas (ABT 1755-1802)
Flanary, Silas Sevier (ABT 1780-ABT 1849)
Flanary, Tandy (ABT 1801-ABT 1880)
Flanary, Tillman Sinclair (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Flanary, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Flanders, Baldwin V Count Of (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fleenor, Daniel (ABT 1778-UNKNOWN)
Fleenor, Eddy (ABT 1846-AFT 1860)
Fleenor, Eli (ABT 1839-AFT 1860)
Fleenor, Gasper Casper (4 MAR 1749/50-11 JAN 1825)
Fleenor, Jane (ABT 1844-AFT 1860)
Fleenor, John (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Fleenor, Joshua N. (ABT 1842-AFT 1860)
Fleenor, Levina (ABT 1838-ABT 1900)
Fleenor, William (16 JAN 1810-1894)
Fleenor, Zachariah Taylor (ABT 1848-AFT 1870)
Fletcher, George W. (18 APR 1888-27 AUG 1967)
Fletcher, Kemp (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fletcher, Lewis (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fletcher, Victor Byron (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Flinner, Johannes Casper (ABT 1718-24 SEP 1789)
Flowers, Henry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fluke, King Of Jerusalem (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fogleman, Malissa Evelyn (ABT 1880-UNKNOWN)
Folkes, Joesph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Foster, Anthony D. (18 MAY 1825-AFT 1910)
Foster, Lillian (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Foster, Nancy Jane (6 JUN 1859-UNKNOWN)
Foster, William K. (4 APR 1853-UNKNOWN)
Fowler, Anthony (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fowler, Henry (ABT 1600-UNKNOWN)
Fowler, Henry (ABT 1530-UNKNOWN)
Fowler, Sarah (ABT 1698-UNKNOWN)
Fowler, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fox, Elizabeth (1 JAN 1803-10 MAR 1872)
Fox, James (ABT 1753-UNKNOWN)
Fox, John (ABT 1723-UNKNOWN)
Fox, Margaret (ABT 1755-UNKNOWN)
France, Hersent Of (WFT Est 839-895-WFT Est 891-977)
France, Liegarde (Hildebrante) of (UNKNOWN-BET 923 AND 991)
France, Melvin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
France, Willard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Francisco, Glen (JUL 1899-UNKNOWN)
Francisco, William H. (JAN 1870-UNKNOWN)
Franklin, Peter (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Franks, ??? (ABT 1625-UNKNOWN)
Frasure, Charlotte (ABT 1818-AFT 1860)
Frayley, Nancy (ABT 1805-UNKNOWN)
Frazier, Sarah E. (ABT 1872-UNKNOWN)
Frazier, Thomas L. (ABT 1797-UNKNOWN)
Freeman, Bernice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Freeman, Dorcas (ABT 1765-ABT 1817)
Freeman, Georgia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Freeman, John (UNKNOWN-10 FEB 1778)
Freeman, Mary (WFT Est 1623-1648-1678)
Froats, William (UNKNOWN-ABT 1970)
Fugate, Hannah M. (1826-1886)
Fulk, Eleanor C. (1873-UNKNOWN)
Fulk, Eliza A. L. (MAY 1871-UNKNOWN)
Fulk, Isaac "Ira" (7 NOV 1883-ABT 1933)
Fulk, James K. (12 MAY 1880-UNKNOWN)
Fulk, James Matthew (12 AUG 1850-UNKNOWN)
Fulk, Nancy (1878-UNKNOWN)
Fulk, Polly (1878-UNKNOWN)
Fulk, Virginia E. L. (1875-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Frederick (14 OCT 1719-1774)
Fulkerson, Susanna Bledsoe (1740-UNKNOWN)
Fullen, Arminta (MAR 1856-AFT 1910)
Fullen, Elizabeth (27 FEB 1840-23 JAN 1916)
Fullen, Elizabeth (1770-AFT 1860)
Fullen, Fowler (ABT 1804-UNKNOWN)
Fullen, James (ABT 1815-UNKNOWN)
Fullen, Sarah Price (ABT 1816-ABT 1854)
Fullen, Sarah Z. (ABT 1818-AFT 1866)
Fullen, Susan (ABT 1839-UNKNOWN)
Fyssher, Catherine (ABT 1498-UNKNOWN)
Fyssher, Richard (ABT 1472-WFT Est 1502-1563)
Garey, Charlotte (ABT 1789-AFT 1860)
Garey, Rufus (1786-UNKNOWN)
Garey, Seth (6 AUG 1787-29 FEB 1864)
Garrard, John (ABT 1456-UNKNOWN)
Garrard, Lawrence (ABT 1416-UNKNOWN)
Garrard, Sir William (1507-27 SEP 1571)
Garrard, Thomas (ABT 1378-UNKNOWN)
Garrett, Estelle (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Abraham (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Conally F. (ABT 1880-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Harriet Jane (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Henry Clay (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, James Harvey (ABT 1806-ABT 1877)
Garrison, Joseph O. (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Latitia Shouns (ABT 1839-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Leonidas (ABT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Lewis C. (ABT 1833-ABT 1868)
Garrison, Mary Elizabeth (28 JUL 1838-3 JUL 1902)
Garrison, Mary Elizabeth (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Melvin H. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Nancy J. (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Nancy Virginia (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Rufus Harvey (30 SEP 1834-AFT 1880)
Garrison, Sarah (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, William H. (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Garrison, Willie (5 MAY 1892-UNKNOWN)
Gary, Elijah (1718-1803)
Gary, Seth (19 MAY 1764-ABT 1810)
Gary, Stephen (ABT 1690-ABT 1750)
Gary, Stephen (ABT 1650-BEF 16 JAN 1691/92)
Gaumy, Margaretha (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gay, Mary (ABT 1738-AFT 1790)
Genebald, I, (UNKNOWN-358)
Genebald, Duke (UNKNOWN-419)
George, II, King of England, (1683-1760)
George, III, King of England, (1738-1820)
George, I, King of England, (1660-1727)
George, Mahala (ABT 1824-AFT 1870)
Germanicus, Claudius Drusus Nero (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Geroldin, Bertrand (ABT 1556-UNKNOWN)
Gibons, Robert (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Alabama (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Andrew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Cecil M. (ABT 1917-AFT 1930)
Gibson, Cloyd L. (ABT 1900-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Elijah (ABT 1877-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, James (ABT 1766-ABT 1818)
Gibson, Joseph J. E. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Malinda A. (1879-AFT 1920)
Gibson, Martha Elizabeth Moore (ABT 1841-ABT 1878)
Gibson, Mary E. (ABT 1902-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Mattie L. (ABT 1908-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Monroe (APR 1878-AFT 1930)
Gibson, Raymon E. (ABT 1914-AFT 1930)
Gibson, Rex (ABT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gibson, Wilkie (12 MAR 1903-AUG 1973)
Gieselbert, Count (WFT Est 794-826-WFT Est 851-913)
Gilbert, Cora Isabel (ABT 1878-AFT 1930)
Gilbert, Eleazer (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, John Fitz (ABT 1125-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Malinda (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Mary Mercy (13 OCT 1684-1782)
Gilbert, Sarah (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gillenwater, C J. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gillenwater, Marsha
Gillespie, Eleanor (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gilliam, Elizabeth (ABT 1791-ABT 1862)
Gilliam, Finettie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gilliam, Lakey (ABT 1897-UNKNOWN)
Gilliam, P.P. (ABT 1870-ABT 1930)
Gilliam, Richard Gillum (1771-1848)
Gilliam, William (1747-1792)
Gilly, Elizabeth Alice (1892-22 MAR 1975)
Gipson, Ada E. (ABT 1914-AFT 1930)
Gipson, Annie (ABT 1909-AFT 1920)
Gipson, Arlis Anthony M. (DEC 1898-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Armin (ABT 1854-BEF 1880)
Gipson, Avoning (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Bertie (ABT 1906-AFT 1930)
Gipson, Catherine (ABT 1869-AFT 1870)
Gipson, Sr., Charles (UNKNOWN-ABT 1842)
Gipson, Jr., Charles (ABT 1808-AFT 1870)
Gipson, Charlotta (ABT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Darkes A. (ABT 1875-)
Gipson, Dorchas C. (DEC 1856-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Elbert D. (JAN 1895-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Eliza Jane (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Emaline (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Ewing (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Gilford Gilfard (JUL 1893-19 JAN 1923)
Gipson, Guilford (ABT 1833-1898)
Gipson, Houston (ABT 1837-5 SEP 1864)
Gipson, Houston (OCT 1864-AFT 1930)
Gipson, James (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, John R. (JUL 1866-AFT 1930)
Gipson, Louisa (ABT 1848-AFT 1860)
Gipson, Louvisa Levicy (ABT 1817-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Margaret (ABT 1907-AFT 1910)
Gipson, Mary (ABT 1868-AFT 1880)
Gipson, Monroe (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Morning (ABT 1902-10 NOV 1918)
Gipson, Nancy (ABT 1808-AFT 1880)
Gipson, Oney Onia (DEC 1896-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Rachel (ABT 1859-AFT 1860)
Gipson, Rebecca (ABT 1862-OCT 1865)
Gipson, Sarah F. (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Gipson, Visa Vicie (ABT 1861-AFT 1883)
Gipson, Wiley Wylie (NOV 1852-AFT 1920)
Gipson, Willie (ABT 1909-AFT 1930)


"How can a tangled web that appears so open be so impregnable as when we try to pierce it when we delve into genealogy!"
-Jerry A. Penley-

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